Woke Left Goes After Broadway Smash and Slaveholder-Adjacent ‘Hamilton’


In writer Sarah Lee’s July 3rd “Marble Halls & Silver Screen” entry, she recommended RedState readers catch Hamilton on Disney Plus:

I encourage everyone to watch because in the Cancellation Age we must find ways to unite and celebrate our shared history before the destroyers can be convinced all vestiges of it need to be erased. And if we can keep Hamilton, it makes it harder to argue that we can’t keep Gone With The Wind. And we’re better off if we keep it all.

So…can we keep it?

Some woke critics are now saying No.

On Monday, the Daily Mail announced, “#CancelHamilton sweeps the internet with calls for the musical to be AXED after its debut on Disney Plus over criticism of the Founding Father for his role in slave trade.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of the show’s success, according to Broadyway.com, it’s grossed a mind-blowing $650,000,000 in ticket sales since opening in 2015.

And from the Chicago Tribune in January:

Hamilton ends its run of over three years here on Sunday as the most financially and, arguably, artistically successful theatrical attraction in the history of Chicago. By the time Miguel Cervantes, its star from the beginning, takes his final bow as Alexander Hamilton around 5 p.m. at the sold-out CIBC Theatre, the Chicago company of Hamilton will have rung up more than $400 million in gross sales at the box office.

No other show in the Loop ever has come close to that kind of money. Or to such popular appeal and critical acclaim.

But now the acclaim is downright critical.

Though the show portrays featured character Alexander as — per one of its songs — a “young, scrappy, and hungry” immigrant who’s passionately determined to end slavery, not everyone’s in agreement with that characterization. more

17 Comments on Woke Left Goes After Broadway Smash and Slaveholder-Adjacent ‘Hamilton’

  1. Love it, shut the clown parade down and send the faggot performers to the breadlines.

    Remember the lecture the vice president received while in the audience?
    Payback’s a bitch ain’t it twinkle toes?

  2. Halle Berry, who just apologized for considering playing a transgender character, was not offered a role in Hamilton. But if she had been, I’m sure Her Wokeness would have turned it down since it would be “cultural appropriation” for her to play a white historical figure.

  3. You would have to pay me to watch that. I love Broadway musicals but this seems like an abomination to me.

  4. Meanwhile in Texas the “State Fair of Texas”, the largest state fair in America has been canceled for the first time sine WWII as the democrats continue their quest to destroy anything with tradition, entertainment or family values.

  5. Unless I’m much mistaken, the Hamilton crew are all woke cancel culturists themselves. Let the Left eat their own.

  6. It’s easier to understand the Left if you just look at them as a bunch of demons standing outside an evangelical Christian revival event.

  7. Why should I care or give a flying fig about a bs revisionist musical about our Founding Fathers. The only musical I ever liked was West Side Story. Want to get the liberals panties in a knot turn it into an opera.

  8. Cancelled? How is the public supposed to fined out that our founding fathers were really a group of black homosexuals?

  9. I like ‘Hamilton’ and maintain it helped introduce American History to a batch of people who might otherwise not know much about our Founders. Sure, it’s not an perfect presentation of our history but it is a positive story of Hamilton and his intelligence and work ethic. The music has rap in it yes…but you can’t listen to the ballad “Wait For It” and not feel something. King George III is a riot and in his second appearance has some prophetic lyrics:
    “I got a small query for yooouu
    What comes next?
    You’ve been freed
    Do you know how hard it is to lead?
    You’re on your own
    Do you have a clue what happens now?
    Oceans rise
    Empires fall
    It’s much harder when it’s all your call
    All alone
    Across the sea
    *When your people say they hate you*
    Don’t come crawling back to me…“

  10. I’ll watch Hamilton when the black Democrats in the DNC watch “Birth Of A Nation” and name the racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson as the bastard who pushed its popularity in the 1920’s.

  11. looks up from racing forum: “it’s almost as if someone predicted this would happen several years ago.”

    Goes back to reading, puffs on pipe.


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