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‘Woke’ Netflix Loses Another 2 Million Subscribers

“Woke” Netflix is continuing to freefall toward going broke as the video streaming platform prepares to announce that it has lost another 2 million subscribers.

Neon Nettle-

In a letter to shareholders last spring, the 25-year-old streaming service projected that two million users would cancel their membership by the second quarter.

The staggering loss comes after taking a massive hit at the beginning of this year by losing 200,000 subscribers.

“Our revenue growth has slowed considerably, as our results and forecast below show,” the report said.

“However, our relatively high household penetration — when including the large number of households sharing accounts — combined with competition is creating revenue growth headwinds.”

Netflix was a hugely profitable company until it decided to sabotage that success by going “woke” and pushing leftist propaganda onto its customers.

Andrew Hare, a senior vice president of research at Magid, told CNN Business, “all bets are off” once Netflix becomes undervalued by the market. more here

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  1. No one in our household has ever subscribed to NetFlix, either. I was surprised (shocked) to learn they are 25 years old already!

    Since I know next to nothing about NetFlix, I was reading through looking for examples of “pushing their radical agenda”, but there wasn’t a single word of explanation of that. Weird. Maybe someone here can enlighten me. Or not. I’m only idly curious.

  2. Oh. I did a minor bit of digging and it seems the “radical agenda” is actually an internal problem caused by their 1990’s-era cultural manifesto to employees. This sort of thing was made very popular by Bezo’s at Amazon. It was immediately picked up by — and *improved upon* by those geniuses at Starbucks (I was a recruiting consultant for both companies at the time). Such cultural mission statements are a form of compelled speech and behavior requiring employees to put the screws to each other, up and down the line, in order to prove how resilient they are to criticism – sort of like a CCP struggle session. There are two basic ways to earn points: for one, the ability to humbly accept others’ critical opinions and for the critical colleague to show how much they care about the company’s performance vis their brilliant and constructive criticism. It all sounds so “healthy”, doesn’t it? What could possibly go wrong?

    The funny thing is, in Utopiaville, whenever you compel humans to act against their broken natures, they find a way to say what they really think about someone or thing. It seems that is what NetFlix’ tempest is mostly about.

  3. Netflix never admitted (from what I read above), the real cause of their demise. They blamed the falling revenue on people sharing their paid Netflix acct with their friends and family. Once you’re woke, there is no going back to what you once were. Reversing your course doesn’t work out that way.

  4. I watch Netflix a lot. They have quite a few good shows, and like all networks, some trash not worth watching. I have watched shows I thought were great that would never have been made by the networks.

  5. This has been an ongoing argument between my wife and I. She keeps it for certain shows and I want to dump them. It usually goes like this:

    KR: We need to dump Netflix.
    KRW: But they have that I like to binge watch every now and then.
    KR: They produced Cuties, I’m not supporting that garbage.
    KRW: Well, let me check and see if they carry

    And then a month or two goes by and I discover I have yet another streaming service and still have Netflix…


  6. Charter Spectrum also continues to shed subscribers; I suspect that’s why they’re pushing their cell service so hard.
    Too many free streaming channels now to pay-they’re both gone next rate hike.
    When the last installment of “Stranger Things” has ended, so will Netflix.

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