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Woke suburban moms are shrooming

American Thinker:
By A.J. Rice

I always wanted to meet Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom, and now I can.

Inflation keeps stealing a month’s pay every time you turn around.  Crime is rampant.  Teachers’ unions keep finding new ways to keep schools closed.  Your husband might lose his job to the next woke fad, which you support, of course, because there’s no room for dissent, and all your fellow suburban moms rededicate themselves to be down with the cause every other week.  If you’re a mom herding the kids through all this and life prior to 2019 left you unprepared to deal with any level of stress, what do you do? 

Leave it to National Public Radio to put its finger on the pulse of what suburban moms are doing to cope with the stress of life under COVID, crime, war, and Joe Biden.

They’re turning to microdosing illegal psychedelic mushrooms!  By the thousands, reports NPR.

“I don’t think that I would be nearly as present as I am right now had it not been for psychedelics and for the healing that I’ve gotten from it,” one Denver mom named Ariel told NPR. MORE

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  1. Same bullshit the left used to get marijuana’s foot in the door…”WE NEED OUR MEDICINE!!!” And now we have a pandemic of stupid, wasted citizens. And they vote. For democrats.

  2. No surprise the powers that be would use NPR to push this nonsense to brainless women who don’t love their families enough to be sober and teach them right from wrong. Need support go to church and take your family with you and stay out of politics. God commands in His word for believers to not speak badly or those who rule over us. Also that He Himself sets up and establishes kings “presidents” so believers should pray for them and accept that Gods in infinite wisdom has a reason for them. But we shouldn’t need drugs and alcohol to cope with life.

  3. It helps them maintain that level of stupidity required for them to maintain their current political stances on everything.

    Imaging being such a stupid asshole that you can think the following three statements are compatible for a single person to think:

    1. Racism is wrong.
    2. White people are bad.
    3. I’m white.
    4. I must punish my son for this.

  4. Did these stupid women doing shrooms find themselves going down a rabbit hole? Ingesting magic mushrooms was not a good idea in the 70’s and it’s still a bad idea today. Are any of them named Alice by any chance?

  5. ‘Little Yellow Pill’, ‘Mother’s Little Helper’. The drug may change but the demand for drugs to escape reality isn’t new.

  6. Waaaaaaay back when in my younger college days I had my one and only experience with psilocybin mushrooms. It was followed up with the movie, Blazing Saddles. Never have I laughed so hard and so long than that night.

  7. Wait till a few of them think they can fly & jump off the roof or get a bad mushroom in the batch & it ruins their kidneys or have a bad trip & get lost in the woods & their body isn’t found for week. Saw all that from 1 mushroom party back in the 80s. That’s what happens when you eat stuff that grows in cow shit collected by a dope head I guess.

  8. If the shrooms are still fresh, put them on a peanut butter sammich to kill the taste – the flavor can be gag inducing. Don’t ask.

  9. All except for the death cap mushrooms. If you eat one of those you will die shortly. My mom always told the story about some young girls picking and eating some death cap mushrooms back in the 30’s nearby my grandfather’s farm near by the tiny town of Adrian, Oregon where she grew up. They both died a horrible death. She also told us, my 3 younger brothers and I if your idiot friends jump off a cliff are you stupid enough to follow them. Good advice, since we’re all in our mid to late 60’s now.

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