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  1. I learned this week that if anyone calls me the b-word (B0oM€r) I should rant at the top of my lungs about that person being an ageist and that Pelosi is Hitler. Then I will boycott something I already don’t buy.
    Thank you.

  2. ✔I’am made a homo nubian baldheaded fat midget with a lisp. And menstrual confusion.
    It’s so wonderful to finally be accepted by the cool kids on campus.

  3. All I can write is that I’m glad my family and I got away from the DC/MD shithole and view this shit through a kind of reversed telescope. It all looks very small and far away.

    But the truth is it’s NOT very small and far away. It’s easy enough to piss in my front yard say to myself, “These motherfuckers are insane….”.

    Really the only things I can do are vote and teach my son that these people are certifiably nuts. And teach my son long division. And multiplication. And compound interest. And how to use tools. And how to make tools. How to make an engine hoist when you don’t own one.

    I came from a simpler time. When we wanted to download Speedscript on a Commodore 64 we typed the numbers into the machine. Better not screw up. And there was no help desk.

    Syntax Error Line 144.

    I’m glad I grew up in that era. But the music sucked.


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