Woman Attempts Suicide – Lands On Air Conditioner 2 Floors Below



A naked suicidal woman jumped from the window of an apartment – but was saved when she landed on an air conditioning unit two stories below.

The woman, who has not been named, jumped out of the window of a building in Marble Hill in The Bronx, New York, on Saturday morning.

When she landed on the air conditioner, she sat on it and began screaming in English and Spanish to passers-by.

‘She was saying that God is coming and everybody has to be better people, and we have to love each other,’ Dahiana Rosario told the Post.

‘She was saying God loves us – and God loves everybody and clean your house of bad things, bad energy.’

Neighbors called authorities and had placed pillows and sofas underneath the air conditioner in case the woman jumped again.

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18 Comments on Woman Attempts Suicide – Lands On Air Conditioner 2 Floors Below

  1. What a waste of funbags that would have been. Wow. I knew I would read the word “Spanish” in there somewhere when I noticed that she was recognizably female. A red-blooded Yankee lass would have snapped the air conditioner bracketing like matchsticks.

  2. I think there’s bad energy in the entire neighborhood. This happened near the site of the famous December 2013 Metro-North train derailment that killed two people and disrupted train service for days.

  3. Granny, its raining black folk out there! One just landed on the air conditioner. Ain’t got no clothes on her. Wind coming down musta blown them clear off.

  4. Her message is pretty spot on. We’re seeing it everywhere. Even if you’re AFFILIATED with evil you better cut your ties. If you’re associated in any way with promoting deception or with getting your income from monies stolen from the American taxpayer I wouldn’t want your karma.

  5. Maybe she was an angel, sent from heaven to give her warning.

    I wonder what the odds were that she’d hit that close to the building, to land on the A/C.

    Whatever, she has a body that most of hollywood stars and models, would like to have, (and without photoshop, I bet). Unreal, has to be an angel.

  6. @ Ted

    Another woman took Seinfeld’s advice the same day:

    Earlier Saturday, an emotionally disturbed 36-year-old woman was pulled from the East River by firefighters after another apparent suicide attempt.

    The woman had leapt into the waters from Grand Ferry Park near Grand Street in Williamsburg at about 6:45 a.m., cops said.
    The FDNY’s Marine Unit No. 6 patrol boat spotted her, and its crew soon scooped her from the water.
    But once she was on the boat, the woman broke free and jumped back into the water, witnesses said.
    Pulled back on board a second time, she jumped right back in.

    The woman was taken to Woodhull Hospital for observation.


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