Woman Brutally Attacked by Man in Ladies Bathroom

B-TX: A Seattle woman fought off a violent assault by a would-be attacker in a park’s ladies bathroom. The man, with an extensive criminal history, attacked her earlier this month while she was on a 10-mile jog.

Calling the attack her “worst jogging nightmare,” Kelly Herron, 36, said she yelled, “Not today, m—–f—–,” and fought valiantly to save her life, ABC’s Good Morning America reported.

Herron completed four of her 10-mile trek and stopped to use a ladies room in Seattle’s Golden Gardens Park. “As I was drying my hands, I became aware that something was wrong,” she told the ABC reporters. When she turned around, she saw what no woman wants to see in a ladies room–a man. The man, it turned out, is 40-year-old Arizona registered sex offender Gary Steiner, she said.  more here

13 Comments on Woman Brutally Attacked by Man in Ladies Bathroom

  1. “Not today, motherf*@#er!”

    That line needs to be in a movie.

    Thank God she lived AND had that scumbag arrested.

  2. It was wrong for her to assume that he self-identified as a man that particular day. He may have been self-identifying as a crazed, radical, lesbian.
    She should have been arrested for the Hate Crime of assuming another fellow human’s sexual identity – and for defending herself.
    Violence is just plain wrong.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. They make fanny packs specifically made for a snub nosed .38s and other models.
    It’s a small but good investment.
    As is said often, I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. The life you save may be your own.

  4. She should fill out a criminal complaint against everyone who’s name appears on this creep’s release order., the charge is attempted murder.

  5. never go to the park alone and never go into the park rest rooms-better to pee behind a bush or tree. 🙁

  6. Gary Condit

    There’s someone who was happy about 9-11.

    He was constantly in the papers until that day. Then zip. Zero. Nada.

    Didn’t they find her body a few years later?


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