Woman Calls Police Claiming She Was ‘Raped’ by Pokémon

Breitbart: A Russian woman called the police to say she had been raped by a Pokémon monster from Pokémon Go in her Moscow apartment.

The woman, who remains anonymous, claimed that whilst sleeping with her husband, she had woken up to find herself being raped by a giant Pokémon on top of her. She consequently called the police, who did not believe her story.  MORE

6 Comments on Woman Calls Police Claiming She Was ‘Raped’ by Pokémon

  1. Naaaahh …… it was just a lonely Bill Clinton or Anthony Wiener doing the Russian reset that Hitlery failed to do.

  2. …You know, it could’ve been a spiritual attack and she just doesn’t realize it. Demonic spirits do these things sometimes, especially in an oppressed household.

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