Woman Claims Cop Raped Her…But The Body Cam Says Different

Daily Wire: A woman who claimed that a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper raped her after she was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated might want to rethink her story now that the Texas Department of Public Safety has released the body cam footage from the arrest.

The Texas Highway Patrol Trooper pulled over 37-year-old Sherita Dixon-Cole after she allegedly committed a traffic violation. They arrested her and took her to the Ellis County Jail, where she was formally charged with DWI. In a press statement, the Texas Department of Public Safety wrote:

Following the arrest, spurious and false accusations related to this traffic stop were made against the Texas Trooper. Upon learning of those allegations, the Texas Department of Public Safety immediately took action to review the video in connection with this traffic stop and arrest. The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the egregious and unsubstantiated accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect. The Department is appalled that anyone would make such a despicable, slanderous and false accusation against a peace officer who willingly risks his life every day to protect and serve the public.

The allegations were published in The Root and by far-left activist Shaun King, who appeared to add even more allegations to those made by Dixon-Cole, saying that she was “kidnapped” and was “being held hostage.”  WATCH

PS.  Shaun King is an idiot. But you knew that.

19 Comments on Woman Claims Cop Raped Her…But The Body Cam Says Different

  1. Go the Tawana Brawley route, dumbasses. That’s really gonna work out well in the age of body cams.

    Black democrats are the toxic waste of our society. They will be a cancer forever, period. They’ll never change. They’ll never grow up. Give them some power, and they only get worse.

  2. The law of unintended consequences.

    The anti-cop Leftists demanded body cams for cops. They got them. And now all their lies quickly get exposed as lies.

    How long before they sue police departments to have the body cams removed?

  3. did anyone do a rape-kit test on her? sue her-lock her up and take away her license after she gets out of jail.

  4. Remember back when the “Gentle Giant” went down and the BLM bunch made a call for body cams? DOH!

  5. White men virtualy never rape black women. We just don’t.
    Statistically we are more likely to rape animals, and even that is quite rare.
    So any allegation of a rape by black woman against a white man should always be suspect.

  6. They should have let her press charges before reviewing the cam
    and then nailed her with criminal
    behavior on filing false charges.
    Jail is needed here.

  7. Shaun King never lets an inconvenient thing like facts get in the way of a good piece of fiction!

  8. Shaun King is deranged lying little turd.
    How does he know what went on there ???
    OH He will apologize for sure…

  9. It is way past time to make it a mandatory maximum sentence that the person they lied about be served by those who pull this shit.

  10. I would suggest this requires Texas Highway Patrol, the Trooper,s Union, and other defamed Parties sue this woman, The Root, and Sean King. Make ‘em pay.

    These false accusations must also be crimes in Texas. Their AG could win a lot of votes on this. AGs become Governorls for less.

  11. Lawsuit time. Its the only route. Sue her and sean king for defamation.


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