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Woman Describes ‘COVID Smell’


For more than a year now, my nose has been plagued with what I like to call “COVID smell.” 

 “COVID smell” is nothing like I’ve ever smelled before. But when I try to describe it to friends, I explain it as the stench of garbage, raw onions, and sweaty armpits. More

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  1. “Smells like garbage, raw onions and sweaty armpits”….That’s the new Tuna special at Subway….

  2. Yeah, I had the same problem. Then I took off the mask.

    But seriously, this covid smell reeks of genetic engineering.

  3. While many people with vaccine injuries are being shunned, ignored and dismissed by doctors and silenced by almost all TV and social media people like this are taken seriously. Some of the injured are even told to see psychiatrists when they can’t find a medical issues for their tremors and other issues. But this woman gets her victim long Covid article.

  4. Anonymous, I wonder if she got the jab. If not, no more pity from the media. But they’ll never ask because they don’t want to risk hearing anything about natural immunity.

  5. The smell she is trying to describe is bellybutton puss. Jam your finger in your bellybutton, dig deep and take a deep whiff.

    How do I know? Well because back in 2000 I had the flu and lost my sense of taste and smell for 6 months. If it was 20 years later, I would have most certainly been diagnosed with covid.

    The flu lasted 3 weeks in me, the effects lingered for months after, and it was the worst sickness I ever had. But looking back, I’m grateful for it since I’m fairly confident my body built antibodies to fend it off for the rest of my life. I haven’t even had so much as the common cold since then and I bet it’s working wonders holding the coof at bay. The past year I’ve traveled 1/3 the country, spent time and shook hands with hundreds of strangers and not even a single sniffle.

    knock on wood.

  6. …seems legit since everything ELSE about the Fakeflu stinks to high heaven…something is rotten not just in Denmark, but the rest of the world as well…

  7. @ecp

    Belly button pus? I poked mine and my finger smelt like a dozen roses. Buddy, get thee to a doctor. Maybe they left a part of the umbilical cord in your guts which is rotting away and coming out of your bb. Stranger things have happened.

  8. Actually, I worked in a chemical plant for four years that made ethyl mercaptan, so I’m not impressed.

  9. Covid vaccine side effects are like a box of rancid chocolates, you’ll never know which ones you’re gonna get.

  10. TimBuktu, roses? That’s what my farts smell like. At least that’s what I tell my wife in the car after locking the windows.


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