Woman Forgets She’s On Video Conference, Uses Bathroom

KFI: With numerous states ordering residents to stay in their houses to prevent the spread of coronavirus, millions of people are working from their homes, some for the first time ever.

To keep businesses running, many are turning to video conference calls to conduct meetings. Apps like Zoom are seeing a huge uptick in use since they allow every participant to be seen thanks to the cameras on their computers. However, in the comfort of one’s home, it’s easy to forget that you are on camera during the meetings. If you’re not careful, you could be caught eating sloppily or picking your nose or, in the case of one very embarrassed employee, using the bathroom.

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  1. What happened? Well Jennifer, we’re not really sure but there is 1 or 2 options. Because you sit for both, you tell us!😜

  2. …you know, there ARE people that would PAY for that if she were a little more, eh, “demonstorative”, maybe some that she was ALREADY talking to, in fact…

  3. …should have let her get to the wipe to see if (a) she DID it, (b) if she washed her hands, and (c) if she had toilet paper. If (a) is YES, (b) is YES, and (c) is YES, it demonstrates good hygiene AND good planning skills so she’s a keeper.

    Any NOs and you “may have to consider going in a different direction”…

  4. …perhaps this opens up a replacement for the tired old “emoji” in terms of offering a visual shorthand opinion of a co-worker’s suggestions…

  5. …waiting for the person who forgets the camera and flips the boss off while he’s speaking and noticeably laughing silently…

  6. ..she’s pretty confident she won’t make any noticeable noises, tho, so maybe she’s a keeper on the DOMESTIC end if THAT’S the case…

  7. The left: claiming trump is an authoritarian for the last three years.

    Now the left: ordering everyone to stay in their house.

  8. SNS……another reason to let her get to the wipe is to see if she licks her fingers afterwards…
    You’re sick.

  9. This is going to meet some liberal’s definition of cyber bullying. Me, I just think it’s funny and an addition to a lengthy list of reasons why I will never own an iPhone.

  10. Anonymous
    MARCH 25, 2020 AT 2:37 PM
    “SNS……another reason to let her get to the wipe is to see if she licks her fingers afterwards…
    You’re sick.”
    …perhaps, but meant more in the light of answering whether SHE is…

    …just FYI, I spent my formative years as a dishwasher/ janitor at a mom and pop Chinese place, and surprised more than ONE customer, eh, “being themselves”, so I’ve seen some things.

    And one thing I DON’T do is make up observations of fellow human beings. People are so crazy, nothing I can imagine is nuttier than the truth.

    …so I don’t know what your run time is on this earth, @anon, but if you’d get out and do things, you might be surprised what you see, very surprised indeed…

  11. I suppose it could’ve been worse….maybe she and husband having some “funch”. That’s what we used to call running home for a quickie at lunchtime.

  12. Electrical tape over the camera please!
    Nobody needs to see your face(or other body parts) during conference calls.
    Pull it off for social time with the kids/grandkids.

  13. A few years ago the same thing happened at my work – 20+ people in a conference room at the office and a guy in China participating from home due to the time difference. He had a cell phone bluetooth headset and forgot about it while taking a leak. Everyone in the conference room realized what was happening but he was oblivious. The meeting continued on as if nothing happened, other than the snickers and muffled giggles.

  14. Once again the old E-Mail adage “know your audience” rears it’s ugly head. But on the bright side, the guys from porn hub have been trying to reach her all day.


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