Woman found in Hong Kong McDonalds, dead for 24 hours

Hey, it’s China, we should be glad they didn’t use her as burger meat. [I hate the media]

honkong mcD dead woman

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  1. I imagine a number of people noticed she listless and possible having a medical problem, but no one wanted to get involved at the risk of being responsible for her into the future.

    That’s why when someone get’s run down in China you better crawl out of the way before the drive comes back to finish the job. It’s a cultural thing to take responsibility for someone you help, or injury and then help.

  2. …there’s a ‘freshness date’ joke somewhere in this story…but I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around a punch line……hmmmmm

  3. Maybe it was the McCrap. Our local McDonalds’s once had a sign advertising McCraps instead of McWraps. It took them a day or two before they realized their sign was wrong or someone told them it was wrong. I thought it was funny, unintentionally telling the truth.

  4. how sad to die unnoticed at mcdonald’s

    but it beats the story i heard at work, where a guy died at his desk in his cubicle, and was there for several days before anyone knew

    i would choose to die silently at mcdonald’s than as irrelevant and unmissed at my workstation

  5. Whether it’s that old saw or just godless communism, I don’t know. But I’ll never the video of a toddler being struck by a car on a busy China street — and being hit again and again — because no one would tend to him.

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