Woman gets in Viral Vid Trouble For Using “Race Card”

They even took her dog away.

More at The Daily Wire, including what happened prior to the video being recorded, a vague threat by the man against her dog. (Nothing is ever so cut and dry.)

I don’t like anyone in this video.

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  1. Got neither the “racism” nor the “threat.”

    The whole thing smells of bullshit.
    (threaten a woman and her dog and she should shoot you – PERIOD)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I understand letting a dog off it’s leash, my dog will NOT poop with one on due to she’s not used to doing it that way. While traveling we have to find a vacant field to let her run and do her biz. And if this wuss of a man was afraid of a cocker spaniel? then he needs counseling. They’re the most docile dog ever. And why was he videoing her, Id be scared too plus when scared you don’t know what you’re doing,sure the dog was struggling but she didn’t know what she was doing at the time. But Under no circumstance would I give my dog up. And there’s such a thing of a “cocker spaniel rescue”?????!!! Load of crap!!

  3. Two assholes collide. And trolling with dog treats just sounds gay. What else is he trolling for?

    But I am glad to see that we’re getting back to stupid racial stuff instead of virusvirusvirus.

  4. I do not like to be text narrator, and how did the name of her employer get involved?

  5. She is an absolute grade-A See U Next Tuesday and I feel sorry for the dog.

    I don’t get what threat the man made against the dog. He was trying to get it to leave her and come to him so she would be forced to put on the leash. If someone tried to call my dog away from me I’d be pretty pissed too, but I don’t think it’s a threat.

    On that note, the forest preserve by my house that I frequent daily for the past several years used to be secluded enough to let my dog off leash. Convid-1984 has got goofs all over the place, the type who pull their mask up when approaching the opposite direction as if A) it does any good and B) I’m going to cough on them. Place is wrecked now and it sucks.

  6. I hate cell phones. Just thinking that you may be recorded by someone for anything gives me shivers.

    There is no privacy anywhere.

  7. She has been massively penalized simply for being a white person in an altercation with a black person.

  8. “She has been massively penalized simply for being a white person in an altercation with a black person.”

    I know, right?

  9. This is a lead off story on MSNBC, and they make a big deal of the white woman apologizing to the black man. Undoubtedly, we are expected to keep apologizing till the end of time, because, you know, slavery.

    It’s not southern whites who keep fighting the Civil War, It’s liberals and many blacks.

  10. Well, I agree with Fur. I don’t like anyone in this video either. And personally, I really dislike people letting their dogs run wild through public parks. So maybe the dude was wrong, but she was wronger.

  11. Daily Mail takes glee in calling her a “Karen” in it’s headline
    I find it very offensive as our second lady is named that

  12. She was placed on leave.
    I’m a betting her employees are celebrating.
    She seems like she’s a vicious boss.

  13. Given the history of central park and the racial attacks on white women maybe she should be a little unnerved.
    Despite that she over-reacted prematurely.
    The “birdwatcher” was feeling his newfound power and was taking pleasure in commanding a white person to do his bidding just to be an asshole.
    That this stupidity results in a major news story is another indicator of our society’s decay.

  14. As I wrote, it doesn’t make any sense to me.
    If you are REALLY under a threat, you don’t just stand 10 feet from them and make a call – you’d run like Hell or sic the dog on him – or shoot him.
    She (obviously) didn’t feel any sort of imminent threat.

    So, where’s the “racism?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I do not give one fuck who you are, you do not feed my dog anything without my permission.
    He keeps dog treats on hand? with no dog? For what?
    To ward off racist dogs?
    As many white women who are attacked in that park I don’t blame her.
    She was panicking, and what woman wouldn’t.
    Then he gives a vague warning about something she’s not going to like and whips out something to feed her dog.
    Fuck him.
    First when Angus and I travel we obey leash laws. That would have stopped the confrontation before it started.
    Second she shouldn’t argue. She should have said ‘Sorry’ and leashed up.
    But that “and you’re not going to like it” followed by trying to feed her dog something would have gotten his stupid ass shot if it were me.
    Don’t care what color that shit for brains might be

  16. This woman is batchit crazy and a dog abuser also. If I had money with Templeton, I’d be pulling it immediately.

  17. So Keith, looks like black man vaults over white woman in this week victimology rankings after this big win.

  18. Shouldn’t Al Sharpton be in one million times more trouble for using the race card?


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