Woman Goes Berserk When Asked For Her Car Insurance

A woman goes berserk in front of her kids because a guy said her kid opened the car door into his.

What makes this tough to watch is that the little kid seems like he’s trying to tell his maniacal mother that the car door did hit into the other car. She tells him to shut the hell up.

She then pulls the ol’ “this guy is touching me!!!” routine.

ht/ robe e.

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  1. “Gee it’s a black. That’s odd”

    Bull shit. I’ve seen the same behavior from fat white pigs at Walmart. No self respect.

  2. the more I see stuff like this, the more I realize how important a dash cam is to protect yourself against liars and scam-artists. It also appeared that she hit him a couple of times. With the help of this video, I would think he should be able to press charges against her for simple battery. ( usually a misdemeanor ).. then watch her head explode..lol

  3. If she has a husband instead of a
    “BABY DADDY” I feel really really
    sorry for him.Could you imagine being
    married to that ???

  4. Those kids were pretty clean cut and acted very politely. I need another look at this from an independent lense. The mother was Freaken out of control but if in fact she’s raising those kids? I’m confused honestly.

  5. Sometimes, I feel like yelling like Charleton Heston did in Planet Of The Apes, ‘It’s a madhouse, a madhouse!’

    Is there no end to the shit storm tentacles of Clinton. They are like metastized cancer. They are an infectious blight upon earth. ENOUGH.

  6. GET CLOSER..No thank you

    I’ve seen the same behavior from fat white pigs at Walmart. No self respect.


    Jeez. You’d think she was accused of lighting it on fire or something. I feel so bad for those kids. If she didn’t open her mouth, I’d think she was normal. Since she did, I have to conclude she’s off her meds. Way off.

  7. RosalindJ, Just so we’re are clear, I wouldn’t be giving this a second thought except for the kids. I dunno, maybe a parent that’s tried really hard and lost it at a false accusation. Who knows? I keep coming back to the kids. Which is upsetting.

  8. O the sadness. What chance does that poor child have in life? with an idiot mother like her?. He’ll be shot to death by some other son a mother like her, before he’s sixteen. And whitey will be blamed.

  9. Body fat testing along with drug testing for all welfare recipients. If you’re fat, you ain’t regularly hungry. If you ain’t regularly hungry, you ain’t deprived so you ain’t truly impoverished. Get a job, leech. Get off my back.

    I been asking for that for years and it’s not unreasonable. All we need is someone with guys to demand it and so will the majority of all Americans of all colors.

  10. There’s a LOT of crazy people out there and many are wound TIGHT and getting tighter. We’re soon going to see a gigantic convergence of bad karma. (I also must point out that the guy is anal retentive about his car.)

  11. “Ahhhh your full of crap bad-Brad”

    Only in Jeffs World. Check the front page. “Hillarys Replacement. Go hang out at any Wal Mart.

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