Woman Has Fur Ball Removed…. From .. Her… Yup – IOTW Report

Woman Has Fur Ball Removed…. From .. Her… Yup

When I read this I thought it was parody, fake, folklore.


Apparently it’s real.

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  1. Damn, BFH, i went and read the story and then had to look up what a Diva Cup was, and now I don’t want dinner.

  2. Hee hee. In the ’70’s and early ’80’s it was the Tassaway.

    Then they disappeared off the market. May have been some links to toxic shock since it was around the time a super absobent tampon was causing that. TMI, I know.

    Vagina hairball, er um. Once I took apart the PC hard drive and found a big cat hairball. No idea how it got there. Any thing is possible.

  3. Never seen a hairball. Cobwebs, yes. Going on almost 3 years with the current GF. I guess I can still call her that.

  4. Sorry. No.

    I’ve lived 5 decades with cats. There is cat fur on every surface of my house. Cat fur on my clothes, bed, couch, computer, bookshelves, shower (yes, Ivan used to love water), window screens – everywhere. I dust and vacuum an entire cat-worth of fur every week. I even pick cat fur out of my mouth now and then.

    Would. Never. Happen.

    Hummm, maybe if her boyfriend rubbed it on the cats before sex, maybe it would take a couple of years. Or month, depending on how often.

  5. Now we’re talking about pussy hair in the mouth, Fur this thread is going down hill fast.

  6. Takin’ a fur ball out of a fur ball…

  7. I’m starting to think BFH might need an intervention.

  8. I also heard today that Iron Maiden”s Bruce Dickinson got mouth cancer from kissing cats.

  9. Imagine the pain I felt when I found a Herbert Hoover campaign button in Eleanor’s love canal in 1932.


  10. Oh, F.D.R…how shocking that must have been.
    Especially considering that H.H. was gay.
    Maybe he thought he was a lesbian and had a go at Eleanor.

  11. We have two Siamese, a black lab and a rescued mix breed dog. We have to sweep/vacuum every 2-3 days. It is a labor of love or survival, depending how you look at it. Both cats like to drink water from the shower floor.

  12. Sounds fishy to me (NPI). Does anyone remember the old popular tune from the 50’s about “lipstick on your collar”? Let me suggest a new, updated song title: “Furballs In Your Hoo-hah Told a Tale On You”…

    ; D

  13. Its a wonder no one stepped in it on their way to the bathroom at night. Thats usually how they are discovered.

  14. Lipstick on your collie will also tell a tale on you.

  15. I thought women were supposed to clean out their “vajaja” every now and then?

  16. my collie liked lipstick….her name was Timmy….

  17. Yup. Constant job with the fur. Add my lab and the huge dog with companion kitty I’m baby sitting and it’s quite the job. My cat’s fine under coat is what I find on the A/C filter first.

    I use a shop vac and dump it into a 35 gallon Rubbermaid trash can outside.

    Sylvie likes to hang out in the tub. It’s dry but cool. Then again, she hangs out all sorts of places and will snag me with a claw if I walk by without paying my due attention to her. After all, it IS her house and she rules the other animals.

    My question to our fur bearing subject in the article is: Why you no douche – ever?

    Michelle:: Also I figure enough women are ashamed about their bodies that I can own up and laugh at how weird mine is.

    Sweetie, it aint your body that’s weird. It’s you.

    Parting thought: IUD? Glad you’re not reproducing. Good girl!

  18. I don’t believe it either. I live in a nest of cat fuzz and never got any in there.

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