Woman has her hijab on incorrectly, so this guy flips out

h/t Snowball the Sourpuss.


25 Comments on Woman has her hijab on incorrectly, so this guy flips out

  1. That whore will arouse some man with her non-invisible hair! Arousing men is wrong! Therefore she must be raped for their own good!

  2. non-invisible hair, Go here first.
    The Unseen,,,
    No skin in this game,,,a little indie film.
    No arousing or must be raped,,
    Amazon free

  3. ‘Y-you stupid bitch! Stop showing off your lovely locks! If I see even so much as ONE strand of a female hair I will literally RAPE you and then stone you to death! Temptress! Stop making me want to rape you by NOT covering EVERY SINGLE INCH of your body! Have you no shame!??!’

  4. This is what 14 centuries of malignant mutant inbreeding gets you.
    Woman’s March, led by Sarsour, what the hell is wrong with some women today?

  5. Allah loves me? I don’t know
    wear a sack or I’ll rape you
    all you filthy infidels
    convert now or I keel you

  6. Irony Curtain
    APRIL 16, 2019 AT 8:08 AM
    “Why to we tolerate savagery?”

    …because, Democrats…

  7. Women want to rule the world but they can’t keep men out of their restrooms, showers, sports, dormitories, sororities, hair coverings, and colleges just to name a few!

  8. Well, Ilhan Omar did say that women are told to go slow and not be seen. It must be guys like this who are telling them that.

  9. Just pass’n thru April 16, 2019 at 7:07 am

    Such a devot muzzie man. He will get 1 extra virgin when he meets his moon dog

    Make that a goat, and a rabid one.

  10. Is there a group of people on the planet more unlikeable that Muslims? Some individuals I’ve met are OK, but taken as a group, they do not fit western culture.

    I can’t help not liking them.

  11. What kind of infidel slacker is this guy? Why didn’t he immediately start stoning her to death? may Allah kill his camel.

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