Woman in England Arrested for Exposing Hospital Completely Empty During “Tier 3 Lockdown” – IOTW Report

Woman in England Arrested for Exposing Hospital Completely Empty During “Tier 3 Lockdown”


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  1. When we were at the hospital for 5 days, most of the rooms on the floor we were on were empty. Oddity of more nurses than patients, still at times had to go to the nurses desk during the day to get someone to get off their butts and come to the room after calling them 3 or 4 times. Night nurses were there after one call.

    Someone asked me if any of the floors were blocked off, not to my knowledge and I made several trips up and down the elevator and saw people getting off on every floor.
    I asked some of the nurses where the covid wing/floor was and none of them knew. I found that odd. Doctors nor nurses seemed too worried about Covid and many didn’t wear masks into the room and none of them wore masks in the cafeteria and they also didn’t have 6 feet between tables.

    The first night we were there the floor doctor or hospitalist as they called them was a woman that I had seen on TV more than once whining about how they had no rooms and a shortage of doctors and nurses. Also a woman who argued for shut downs and mask mandates. She did wear a mask in the room, she was as obnoxious in person as she was on tv. I was really glad I didn’t have to see her but once.

    I was wrong again though, I honestly believed this shit would end after election day. I’m still shocked at how many people still are so scared of this shit and still run around with face diapers on.

  2. Looked like one of those “Ghost hunter” shows at the abandoned mental hospital. Or “The Shining”. That was really creepy and infuriating. But not as scary as the British government. How many of our hospitals are this empty?

  3. We have new “fighting words” now: public order offense.

    This is outright, bare-faced, fuck you and your so-called “rights” tyranny, and more than justifies armed resistance.

  4. Spent a night in the emergency room a few weeks back. No COVID patients in the hospital here in SoCal. Nurses were moderately busy but found time congregate and BS for hours – the ER was noisier from their talking and laughing than from work.

    The night shift was worse – I was there for heart issues but had to reattach my own monitoring devices to stop the alarm on the machines.

    I did overhear the nurses talking about the only COVID patient they did have – only two nurses were willing to go into the room with him (an older white nurse and a Filipino nurse, according to the chatter).

    I’ve been to two other hospitals since for follow up, not seeing a whole lot of COVID panic or patients either. Both places had relaxed atmospheres and pleasant staff despite being large facilities

  5. They would have left her alone if she was performing a rehearsed dance on Tic Tok (or whatever media) with 20 other people that would otherwise be bored out of their skulls.

  6. I assume the charge was trespass?

    I did not see it clearly written and have few spare shits to give tonight and even less of an attention span lately.

  7. through ‘secret filming’ on Facebook.

    all the supposed patients and staff cooperated with the secret filming by hiding in So closets.


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