Woman is hit with copyright infringement suit for playing Beethoven

She gave a tutorial on how to play Moonlight Sonata and she received a copyright infringement notice. She laughed it off and submitted a “dispute.”

YouTube, ludicrously, backed the person seeking the infringement claim.

Turns out BOTS can file with YouTube and YouTube honors their requests.

Some corporation entity has renamed Moonlight Sonata, calling it Wicca Moon, and claims they own it.

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  1. Apparently there are no absolutes any more. Everything is on shifting sand.

    This lunacy above is just one more way to attack people on the psychological level and drive them crazy.

  2. Some corporation entity has renamed Moonlight Sonata, calling it Wicca Moon, and claims they own it.

    When I run across news of such corporate principals my first thoughts are of cattle prods and baseball bats.

    She should file a copyright for Sonata quasi una Fantasia and sue the balls off them.

  3. Frankly this could easily be a criminal case, they have fraudulently represented ownership of something they don’t legitimately own and are defrauding people like this woman.

  4. I’ve already lost most of my faith in mankind…especially democratically linked assholes that spend most of their time wanting to make hate and hell for others.

  5. Close your accounts. YouTube sucked the moment it was sold to Foogle. The last account I had was like in 08.

  6. This is so ridiculous. There are thieves everywhere!! Stealing a 200 year old well known song and stealing the election!!

    Pray everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  7. What if she filmed herself reading the Moonlight Sonata sheet music she purchased legally while she played the piece?

  8. Really? She plays a well-known song, does not even suggest that she wrote it or contributed to the song itself, and is threatened with copyright infringement? I will have to tell my brother that he needs to pull his kids out of all the performing arts.

    Is she a conservative and being targeted by the new establishment?

  9. Fair warning:

    I just copywrited wiping with your right hand.
    Everyone owe me $1 per month :0 except for…

  10. Got pretty damned steamed after watching her video. I am going to help this talented young lady, as I have personally experienced similar circumstances, and won.

    Also, it’s generally not the fault of corporatism, as much as the fault of the corporation itself for hiring such stupid and ignorant people and/or letting stupid and ignorant people run the corporation.

    YouTube/Google beforehand should have FIRST required proof of ownership from her accuser (e.g., copyright information from the Library of Congress and/or other legal documentation from other associated entities) along with several other inquiries/actions that would, if absent, grant the accused ample room to seek compensation for punitive and monetary damages.

  11. I noticed that Alice Violet Molland the person who has posted Wiccan Moonlight on Youtube does not allow comments on the page. Could it be that everyone was posting that it was Moonlight Sonata.

  12. Apparently, the dweebs at Bob M.’s Screwtube don’t understand the concept of ‘public domain.’ The alarming thing is that it’s typical of today’s ‘high tech’ companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., with their badly educated hoards of so called ‘programmers.’


  13. If you bring a frivolous federal copyright lawsuit in federal court, you’ll get sanctioned right into bankruptcy.

  14. “Wikka Moonlight”? Did Wikka even exist in the era of Beethoven? According to Wiki (a left oriented site), “It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and was introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner”. What standing does this group even having to dispute it.

    Oh, wait, this is the woke crowd and those who have spent thousands of $ to get a degree in a worthless program and want to make themselves worthwhile. They have grown up in the social media world “look at me, this is what I have done, this is what I am”. I would be more than happy to rant on social media, but this post isn’t strictly about that.

  15. It’s like utilizing ebay to sell stuff…. huge audience but complete aholes to deal with.

  16. Dadof4 May 1, 2021 at 11:48 pm

    Will Do.

    One possibility is that the Cancel Culture may have already canceled Beethoven (but not his music piece) long before the complaint materialized). And, the accuser only had been following Cancel Culture sites…also…heard they had something similar in Venezuela before their national toilet was flushed.

  17. Nothing new here. I remember hearing on the Tonight show back in the 60’s, Johnny Carson telling about a guy who discovered “Happy Birthday” had never been copyrighted. The guy copyrighted the song, and extorted a royalty fee every time it was played or sung on teevee. These scum have been around since prehistoric times.


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