Woman kicked off plane for traveling with ‘emotional support’ squirrel

DC: Police removed a woman from a Frontier Airlines flight in Orlando, Florida after she brought an “emotional support squirrel” aboard and refused to leave.

The woman indicated during the reservation process for Flight 1612 to Cleveland that she would be bringing an emotional support animal, but failed to mention that the animal would be a squirrel, as opposed to the more conventional cat or dog. Frontier Airlines does not allow rodents aboard their flights, but the woman refused to leave when airline personnel discovered what she’d brought on board.  more here

42 Comments on Woman kicked off plane for traveling with ‘emotional support’ squirrel

  1. If she had just kept the squirrel in her pants then she could’ve looked like another very happy traveler…

  2. My support hedgehog doubles for a softball, take that you bigot airline F’ers,,, (so far has made it through 3 games with Wiffle Bats) named her Tuff Enuff.

  3. Flight delayed 2 hours so they could kick her off the plane. I hope an attorney was on-board and was passing out his business cards to all those passengers. Sue the bitch!

  4. Is there some reason this specious nonsense can’t be banned altogether? These are not assistance animals, e.g. seeing eye dogs. Whatever happened to blankies…

  5. If she had flown with videos of Rocky the flying squirrel, Secret Squirrel and Chip and Dale (I know that they’re chipmunks but it’s close enough) that would’ve been perfectly fine. At least it wasn’t a snake or a tarantula or a scorpion.

  6. Just think of all the fun they missed not having that oversized, furry rat on the plane! They could have fed it those little bags of almonds and chased it all over the plane as it crapped little squirrel pellets under the seats.

  7. WTF is wrong with the squirrel’s left eyebrow??? Fookin’ scrunt probably declined reading Frontier’s allowed/disallowed page. PEEPUL! Some of whom would be better off as squirrel fodder.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. The squirrel is going to need an emotional support pet after living with that big nut. She’s definitely cracked.

  9. The last time I flew with my emotional support rattlesnakes, some foul-mouthed Black guy started screaming and cursing about it. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say it all went downhill from there.

  10. Yeah, she was flying back here to Cleveland. We’ve got wayyyyy too many nut jobs like that loose here in NE O-Ho-Ho.

  11. I know public opinion about opioids and such is down trending, but there is still a place for Xanax, you know.

    Never been fearful of flying or sitting in seats designed for a toddler next to obese men smoking an 8 hour cigar on trans-Atlantic flights. Those were the days…by gum.

  12. I have had more than enough of people and their Goddamned pet livestock. It has gotten to the point that they have taken over the farmer’s markets around here and anything you might purchase has been drooled on by any number of asshole licking mutts. The Goddamned losers have their pets standing on their laps and licking off their plate in restaurants and when I was walking into Cabela’s a German Shepherd size dog ahd attacked and bit a kid. THe commuter rail is overrun with Amazonians and their fucking office mutts that they bring to work with them daily. Enough is enough. If it isn’t a legitimate service dog your livestock does not belong in stores, restaurants, other places food is served, on public transportation…

  13. I wonder if I could claim a baby as an emotional support animal? Might get a free ticket for whoevers kid I borrow….


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