Woman loses her cool and throws drink on 2 men sitting during anthem

This is not her role, to assault people not standing. She should have just made a short statement and left.

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Haley Perea of California is the woman in the video who approaches two men of color who are seated and yells: ‘Excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of s***’. _ Daily Mail


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  1. Is throwing a drink on someone assault? It might not be her job or role to police other people’s behavior but we are getting to a point where someone will do something more drastic than splashing a person.

  2. “I wish it was a cup of urine”. I bet she does too after she thinks about how much beer or pop costs at a ball game.

  3. surprise! … she’s already getting death threats & they’re harassing her work by threatening to boycott

  4. Those are just two disrespectful little shit’s, two Men ? of Color ? give me a freekin brake ! Set ’em straight now or forever regret it !!!

  5. The last thing conservatives need to do is throw coke in someone’s face if they don’t stand for the National Anthem. A true conservative would say, “well, that’s their right. I don’t agree with it, but so be it.”

  6. Our freedoms mean they can do this. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell them how you feel, but throwing soda on someone violates the credo I agree with – Don’t Tread On Me.

  7. (But that doesn’t mean I don’t think the woman had a pair of brass ones and that I wouldn’t give a thumbs up if I was sitting there.) ((But it is assault.))

  8. Yeah, it’s assault. Not a good thing to do, especially if you think you also have a right not to be assaulted, which I’m sure she does. There may be mitigating circumstances which caused her to lose her cool — relative in military, someone she knows KIA, maybe? Taking a so-called “knee” (I hate that term, btw), is really provocative, especially when it’s being done for something that is highly questionable to begin with and by people who are petted, spoiled and deserve to be forced into military service just so they can understand the kind of sacrifice required.

  9. “((But it is assault.))”

    I’ve been in a position a couple times in my life where a woman I was with pulled such a stunt. And when the shit hit the fan ended up hiding behind me. Not Funny. So there is that aspect, but to FURS point yes that is assault.

  10. Remember the guy in Florida that shot the guy in the movie theater.
    He tried to argue that when the guy threw the popcorn at him it was justifiable defense.
    He was right, being hit with popcorn is assault. But fearing for his life?? Proportional response???
    And some people argued that it was.

  11. Someone should’ve slapped her in the face. I never advocate violence against women. But in her case I would make an exception. Her and Dr Laura.

  12. @Larry The Liberal: Larry, Larry, Larry…tsk, tsk, tsk. Whey are Leftists so quick to resort to actual physical violence? I bet you’re a member of the Brownshirt Antifa too, aren’t you?

    P.S. – You can tell us – we’ll keep your dirty little secret for you.


  13. Larry,

    Look out for that big mutha fxcker standing behind you after you do it. He’ll put you to sleep. LOL

  14. Would I want to do that? Yup. Would I? Probably not. I have pretty good impulse control.

    Now if they were sitting there and talking trash, trying to make a it a thing about them and the anthem, well, I might be inclined to say something. It would get interesting because typically people like that do not have good impulse control.

  15. I guess if I do something so stupid that someone thinks I deserve a drink poured on me it shouldn’t be assault. I guess I’ve been assaulted and I didn’t even know it.

  16. They looked clueless why she was mad.
    May not have been protesting, just surfing porn on the stadium free internet. meh

  17. probably pakistanis or some furreners that had no understanding of our culture.

    Either that or they is just a pair of America hating “men of *ahem* color)

  18. Yeah it was wrong to do it but I loved it. She’s fed up with these carping scum and they need some of their own medicine.

  19. did she throw it at them ?

    or did she in jubilant celebration of the anthem throw her drink in the air and it happened to land on them ?

    there’s a difference.

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