Woman Raised by Lesbians: I Craved That ‘Male Stability, That Father in My Life’


While speaking in Australia’s Parliament against initiatives to legalize gay “marriage,” Millie Fontana, a donor-conceived child of lesbian parents, said it is a “misconception” that all children reared by gays are “stable and happy,” and added there was not a moment in her childhood she “did not crave that male stability and that father in my life.”

…at age 11, she finally met her father, it was “one of the happiest days of my life,” she said, because she saw her “heritage” and her “other family” — uncles, aunts, grandparents.

“The truth is that growing up with two mothers forced me to be confused about who I was and where I fit in the scheme of the world,” said Fontana, then 23 years old.  “And it became increasingly obvious as soon as I hit school. You would see every other child embracing who they are on mother’s or father’s day. They would be rejoicing and celebrating with their parents and family members.”

“And there I was sitting back and wondering what is wrong with me, and why don’t I have that connection with my father?” she said.


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  1. Women make poor men substitutes. Interesting to me how the children of same sex marriages/couples feel they are being shut in the closet.

  2. You wanna be Gay? Fine, but live and let live. Don’t drag others down to your level of misery just to justify your sickness, especially kids who don’t know any better… but eventually do!

  3. The latent animosity this young lady has to her two mommies will follow her the rest of her life. I’m glad she found her father and hope she finds some stability. Her mommies should be charged with child abuse. Forcing a depraved lifestyle on a baby is just wrong.


    Kids suffer from lack of gender diversity for their own selfish SJW policy.

    Why are we surprised? The left wing sees humans as, “Things to be manipulated.” They are killed in the womb, brainwashed through public school, brainwashed on social media / television, and when they are no longer worth anything, euthanized and killed off.

  5. I have a friend who a dj. She had a couple email her and ask her political and religious beliefs and if she has Christian music.
    She freaked out on facebook.
    I asked if a same sex couple had asked her similar questions if she would have the same reaction.
    She actually said she would not.
    Liberals never see their intolerance or hypocrisy.
    Especially regarding homosexuality.


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