Woman refuses to pull over, tells trooper: ‘I drive a Prius’


A Washington State Patrol trooper got more than he bargained for when he tried to pull over a woman from Olympia for expired tabs.

The trooper spotted a white hatchback Toyota Prius southbound on I-5 through Marysville Wednesday evening. But when the trooper turned on his emergency lights, the driver “made no reasonable attempt to pull over,” according to the arrest report. She drove about a mile before leaving I-5 and stopping at an intersection.

The trooper then told her over the loudspeaker to get off the road.

She stayed put.

The trooper then approached the driver’s side window and told her again to move off the road. She allegedly said she would not stop until she reached the Bank of America parking lot.

The trooper told the driver to pull over a third time.

“I will not,” she reportedly said. “I drive a Prius. I am not pulling over there.”

The driver was unhappy.

“I will own your bank account. I will own your house,” she reportedly said.

The trooper asked her name.

“None of your business,” she allegedly said.


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29 Comments on Woman refuses to pull over, tells trooper: ‘I drive a Prius’

  1. “…her tires keep popping because her car is a Prius…”

    Maybe her tires keep “popping” because she has fifty obnoxious lefty bumper stickers and cuts people off on a regular basis. I bet there’s at least one road rage incident in her past.

  2. Driving a hybrid is a holy thing. Pig cop raped her with his lights and loudspeaker. @stoplightrapenow

  3. The driver told the trooper that she would not pull over to the shoulder because her tires keep popping because her car is a Prius, records show.

    Nice consumer reference for the Prius commercial.

  4. The Utopian statists have inculcated most of their various constituency groups with a sense of moral superiority that knows no bounds

  5. Prius drivers think they making a statement (virtue signaling). They statement they’re actually making is that they either don’t understand math, or science, or both.

  6. We call those cars, “Pious”.
    A survey done in San Diego showed that 57% of Pious owners bought them so they can drive in the car pool lane because the cars are exempt from rules requiring multiple occupants.
    Another survey I read, years ago, said that Pious owners bought the cars because it, “says something about the type of person I am”.
    You can go to youtube and see lots of angry Pious owners yelling at owners of regular vehicles. They obviously don’t realize that the electricity they use is provided by fossil fuel using power plants.
    Out of sight, out of mind. Kind of like their brains.

  7. Due to recent events, she made the assumption that the rules don’t apply to her because she is a liberal. Common mistake. In actuality, the rules don’t apply to ELITE liberals. She is obviously out of her league.

  8. When ever I see a Prius attempt to merge on the highway, I make sure they either merge at MY speed or I make them slow down and wait.
    I’ll cut them off first before they do it to me.
    I haven’t lost the chicken match yet.

  9. I almost bought a Prius-of-shit from my niece just so I could load it up with Trump and other conservative bumper stickers before the 2016 election and drive it around up here in the Pacific North Left and watch libturds heads explode!

  10. I drive a 66 f100. Not sure if I even have tags for it. All I know is kids wave at me, so do cops. Get an old truck. Everybody likes old trucks.


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