Woman Says 9 Year-old Boy Sexually Assaulted Her in Store- People Don’t #Believe Her

I love the low IQ lady that starts to get a ground swell going that the lady who got grabbed is a pedophile.

I also like the low IQ writers at the Daily Mail who think it’s germane to the story that the lady who calls the cops is white.

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  1. The lady is obviously overwrought but maybe she’s just had enough of these little animals behavior. If the kid DID do that then how should a person handle it? People expect others to act decently toward each other in public and we’ve seen plenty of examples of ill raised hood rats doing otherwise.
    If she’d of slapped the little goon across the room then what would have happened?
    There’s a line you do not cross in public and that is physical contact.

  2. The kid grabs a white woman’s azz and it’s her fault.
    Sounds about right for the inner city/ leftist “logic”.

  3. They’re just trolling to provoke white women into calling the cops on a black male. The hipster journos at the DM are only too happy to jump on board this latest SJW canard. It would not surprise me if the mom had told her kid to grab ass. And now we have another Becky being shamed for calling the cops on a po lil dindu.

  4. It’s a thing, ever since the Starbucks squatters were glorified…

    “In a series of live videos on Facebook, Mr. Lewis recorded the incident, which began in a Walmart parking lot and ended as the latest instance of a black person being reported to the police while doing a lawful activity…”


    Rule 6: . “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

  5. The irony, Thirdtwin, is that, if this were 1950, no one would consider the white child/black adult strange. It would be assumed to be part of a close but extended family.

    My, but how far race relations have come! ….Lady in Red


    Black kids are the WORST undisciplined brats in the world.

    First they are aggressors, then when caught, they act like childish dough-eyed babies. “Me, I wouldn’t harm a fly!”

  7. Ah yes. Some more cultural enrichment. Was he by any chance a Muzzie, in which case this is perfectly acceptable behavior?

  8. The first thing out of their mouth was a race color. Jeez! That woman was an ASS! He grabbed my ass! GAWD! Is there a cabin in the woods on top of a mountain where only a helicopter can get there? I wanna go live there!

  9. Something tells me this was a skirmish in a turf war between squalor-americans and gay gentrifiers. It’s a big problem in metro Atlanta, especially in Decatur (known here colloquially as “dick-hater”). It drove my lesbian sister straight to South Carolina and into MAGA. She beat you to that cabin, Goldenfoxx.


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