Woman Says Owning A Gun May Have Saved Her Life

DAILY CALLER: Restaurant worker Miranda Schaeffer, who defended her co-worker with a legally owned firearm, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and said her gun may have been the deciding factor in saving their lives.

Schaefer’s coworker Veronica Kaehler was attacked behind the counter at a George Webb in Milwaukee by an unknown assailant Friday, but he backed off once he saw Schaefer holding a pistol in his face.

8 Comments on Woman Says Owning A Gun May Have Saved Her Life

  1. Nothing to see here!…. move along….. Guns are never used for anything good!….. I am really even surprised that “Fox” is giving it air….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. No fallout from the restaurant owners? What? Can’t handle the truth when it’s true?

  3. Hey, weren’t we told that if you use a gun to try and defend yourself, that you are more likely to have that gun used AGAINST you?

  4. She showed tremendous restraint–and he’s not trying to sew up the hole a .380 makes; good boy, Sparky!

  5. You let him live – to kill others.
    It is easier on you, of course, in terms of legal hassles. But that Satan sucking shit sack should have been killed.


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