Woman Suffers “Terrorist Threats” In School Bathroom

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (KMSP) – A 32-year-old Bloomington man is facing multiple charges after he reportedly hid in a women’s bathroom at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, then crawled into a stall in an attempt to sexually assault a woman.

Asad Abu Mohamed of Bloomington is charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct, making terroristic threats and fourth degree assault of a school official.

An MCTC official told Fox 9, the incident happened just after 1 p.m. Friday on the second floor of the campus’ Technology building.

According to the criminal complaint, when Minneapolis police responded to MCTC, they found people comforting a woman, while MCTC security officers were detaining a handcuffed Mohamed.

After speaking with the woman, police learned she had gone into the women’s restroom, which had two stalls. She attempted to go into the larger handicap-accessible stall, but found it was locked, so she went into the smaller stall. While in the stall with her pants down, Mohamed crawled into her stall from the handicap-accessible stall.

The woman immediately began kicking and screaming at Mohamed. She told police, he covered her mouth and told her he would kill her. The woman continued screaming and struggling with Mohammed. In the struggle, he ripped out her earring and pulled her hair. The woman told police she was convinced he was going to rape her.

Bystanders nearby heard her screams and came to help. They found Mohamed choking the woman with one hand and smoking a glass pipe with his other hand. The woman was screaming and hitting Mohamed while her pants and underwear were down around her knees.


28 Comments on Woman Suffers “Terrorist Threats” In School Bathroom

  1. So many unanswered questions…
    What was he smoking?
    Did Mohammad (pbuh-not) speak to him (from the pipe) and tell him to do this?

    ‘Due to his history, the charges say, “the State does not believe any form of conditional release is sufficient to protect the public from [Mohamed.]”’

    So, what will CAIR be able to get his bail set at? $5? $25? It IS Minneapolis (suburb of Mogadishu), after all.

  2. All women these days face threats in the Ladies Room.
    Men, claiming to be women coming in, pissing on the seats, wiping their asses and touching everything without ever washing their hands.

    Men are indeed pigs.

  3. Not a whole lot a room to move around in the smaller stall.
    She should of started kicking and slamming him in the head, the minute
    ya see him, just assume he means to harm you.

  4. This sounds like a scene from a badly translated kung fu movie. He’s choking her. With one hand. And only his one hand. But she can’t get away. (I suppose I shouldn’t presume gender in a Minneapolis bathroom.) And someone is also smoking a glass pipe, with someone’s other hand. A GLASS PIPE! And sometwo is kung fu fighting back. Kicking. And punching. And someone is evading the furious counter-attacks. Without losing his choking grip on sometwo. Without dropping the pipe. Without breaking the glass pipe. In a tiny size bathroom stall. Inside the stall. (cue the music: “Woah ho ho ho….”)

  5. Shoot him now, he thinks She’s the Evil one and ther’es no coming back for this Poorly Bred Animal !

  6. A follower of the religion of peace doing something like this on the eve of the holy day – holy snikes!!!

    All toked up and nowhere to go.

  7. “Asad Abu Mohamed of Bloomington”
    Which Bloomington? Is there a Bloomington in the shit-hole country he came from?

  8. “sTop sayiNg disparaginG thiNgs abOut muSlims!!”
    (Sorry, I came across a real idiot on Twitter today.)

  9. People need to stop calling the PoPo on these critters. Start calling “Muslim Busters”. How about, “The Islam Eradicators”? I think I’ll franchise.

  10. muslims the perveyors of the islam hate group believe all non-muslims are sub-standard and muslims are required to rape, enslave, and murder non-muslims. Folks islam is a warfare ideology practiced against all non-muslims. All muslims are required to pay for that warfare ideology. That makes every muslim a terrorist. That makes all their mosques terrorist recruitment and training centers.

  11. Welcome to my bathroom stall, and let’s celebrate your
    Intrusion into my bathroom space.

    Now I become judge, jury and executioner.

    I shall now Blow your muzzie ass to Kingdom Come.


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