Woman Who Claims She Knew About Ford’s Assault Deletes Twitter Account and Goes Into Hiding

Cristina King Miranda as emphatic in a Facebook posting, an open letter, stating that she went to school with both Ford and Kavanaugh and Ford must be believed because “everyone knew about the incident” back in the day.

“I did not know her personally but I remember her. This incident did happen…. Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine’s vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.”

When it was pointed out to Miranda on Twitter that Ford said she never told a soul about the incident until 2012, Miranda deleted the tweet with this explanation-

Soon after her Twitter account was deleted.

Her Facebook letter is gone.

See how easy it is to lie? The media is STILL running with the Miranda story as corroborating evidence for Ford.

Miranda is a liar… like Ford.

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30 Comments on Woman Who Claims She Knew About Ford’s Assault Deletes Twitter Account and Goes Into Hiding

  1. Daily Kos deletes story where they are furious that anyone questioned Cristina King Miranda’s story-


    So, they were as shit sure about King’s story as Ford’s, but deleted the King story because it is obvious the woman was lying.
    Only a matter of time before Ford admits she is lying, and all of these letter signers and hashtag hags can go suck it.

  2. They’ll never admit to anything. Once he’s confirmed it’ll just vanish from all conversation, like it always does.

    People on the Left aren’t merely wrong. They are evil because evil is deliberate, and they are deliberate in every destructive thing they do.

  3. Here’s some weird shit about Cristina King Miranda for your contemplation. It probably means nothing other than I have too much trivia in my head, but you never can be sure…

    Her handle is @reinabori, and the word “reina” is Spanish for “queen”. “Bori” is a West African animist religion that deals with spiritual possession, and the belief that inanimate objects possess some sort of spirit.

    So now we have Queen Bori, but that’s not all. If you play bilingual word games, there’s another oddity. An important figure in African animist religion is the Rain Queen. The Spanish word “reina” is pronounced “rain-ah”.

    If you want more information (and the above really isn’t a very good reason why you would), you can search for “Bori” and/or “Rain Queen” for your own amusement.

  4. @BFH – kind of like they all disappeared after Herman Cain quit.

    But it also has another purpose as you have talked about, to delegitimize him when he is sitting on bench.

    This kind of crap will continue until they start getting charged with slander or the like.

  5. Turns out the blue wave is just a huge garbage island, floating towards the rocks of November. Nothing but disgusting scum.

  6. Never trust a woman who hyphenates her name or has two or more last names…Danger Will Robinson-she’s a Liberal!!!

  7. It’s so awkward when two lying cunts don’t keep their lies straight.

    The model a GOP politician wants to emulate is Abraham Lincoln. The model a democrat wants to follow is Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul (Love the show, but only because he’s such entertaining grifter douche.).

  8. Back to Yesterday. Anything new on the story that Dr. Blasey Ford sent similar letter about Judge Neil Gorsuch? Just curious.

    These cunts and their admirers are doing a lot of damage to our Republic . I hope Senator Grassy drops the hammer tomorrow. If the soclibs win this one we’re phucked.

  9. “Never trust a woman who hyphenates her name or has two or more last names…Danger Will Robinson-she’s a Liberal!!!”

    Or a woman with a tighter crewcut than Sgt. Carter.

  10. Oh, and I heard it on the high school gossip grapevine and saw it on the internet so you know its true. yada yada, yeah right. That has always been reliable I suppose. I’m sure that just isn’t so.

  11. Semi-related:
    Sen. Orrin Hatch sent out a tweet stating that Ford’s letter (to the Committee via Feinstein) is the equivalent of SWORN TESTIMONY…so it looks like that’s the final nail in the coffin of any “show” of her on Monday…since any testimony which she would give that contradicts the letter would be PERJURY.

    [Fun Bonus Fact: the Committee has required Ford to submit any testimony she wishes to give on Monday in written form by this Friday morning…bwahahaha!]

  12. I’ll answer your question. You apparently confuse hearsay with evidence. There is no probative evidence this alleged crime ever took place, only a 35 year old memory, possibly mistaken or a perjury, and hearsay. Her therapist was not a witness to the alleged crime, nor to the identity of the four, or two, individuals accused. Her husband was not a witness to the alleged crime, only to her hearsay, if in fact he is not lying. The hearsay has only one source. What is the credibility of the witness, could she honestly be mistaken, does she have motive to lie?
    In America, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. However, let’s not forget, Socrates was convicted using perjured testimony. Jesus was convicted using perjured testimony. Judge Bork was convicted, and Justice Thomas was almost convicted, using perjured testimony. Did we want Judge Kavanaugh to be convicted using mistaken or perjured testimony?
    If Kavanaugh is completely innocent, perhaps only a victim of mistaken identity, or perjured testimony unsupported by evidence, wouldn’t it be a egregious crime if he were denied a place on the Supreme Court?
    Even if you suspect, in the absence of forensic or credible evidence, Judge Kavanaugh might have engaged in inappropriate actions at a teen-age party 35 years ago, which one are you going to convict, the boy or the man? Is it better to let a guilty teenager go free than to hang an innocent man? There is no Justice in the here and now other than the justice we humans create. How you answer the above question says a lot about the kind of person you are.

  13. When I dated Ford, she never made statements about this matter. She was somewhat of the village bicycle though…..

  14. If this shit keeps up, the Supreme Court is going to become the womens’ branch of government. In the age of “All Males Are Predators”, who’s going to take a chance on a male nominee? And what man in his right mind would step into the hysteria tornado?

    The Dems have already taken notice. Look at the last two they got confirmed. They pretended to like Garland because Barky did, and because they knew he had no chance, but they would have preferred somebody besides a white man.

    Kavanaugh will likely prevail, but we may be witnessing the nomination of the last white man on the Supreme Court. When Ruth Baader-Meinhof….retires, I bet Trump will pick Amy Coney Barrett to replace her.

  15. I should call the f b i and tell them I was standing next to her at a pussy hat rally when she said she’s going to pull this stunt. Hey two can play this game.

  16. Ford doesn’t know what year it was but knows she was 15? And has a PhD? That’s interesting…

    Math is hard.

  17. So they talked about it for weeks.
    This would have come up bigly in the FBI reports, but she talks like she needs the attention, like all the girls at Holding Arms.

  18. I get so sick of hearing “women should be heard and believed.” Many if not most women are liars, honest women will vouch how true that is. Women without evidence of rape or assault should not be taken seriously. Any woman who waits over 30 years to make the claim she was raped or assaulted should be looked at with tons of skepticism.
    Another thing women know, HS girls have always liked drama and they love to gossip. No way would a girl not have a BFF, even the nerdiest girl in school has a BFF who they tell all their secrets and lies to.

  19. The party was at my house and she was so bombed she was making out with a giant stuffed bear, calling it Brett and Honey Bear. When the bear didn’t respond to her mauling, she got really pissed and tried to rip its head off. Then she peed on the carpet and passed out.

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