Woman Who Hugged Returning Soldiers At Airport For 12 Years Didn’t Show Up One Day…


This is a wonderful story and it is incredibly moving.

Elizabeth Laird is 83 years-old. She is known as the “Hug Lady” because she goes to Fort Hood and hugs the soldiers as they leave and then returns to hug them when they come back. She’s been doing that for 12 years. No one knew that 11 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been fighting it ever since. One day, Elizabeth wasn’t there to hug others. So, the military hunted her down. Soldiers are continuously going to her bedside now to return some of the hugs she has selflessly given for years. It’s incredible.



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  1. What a wonderful act of selfless service from this kind lady. I pray for a quick recovery for her.

    This really hits home for me. My Mom just returned from the hospital yesterday, for a Lumpectomy. Fortunately, her cancer was stage 1 level and about the size of a thumb nail. She had a difficult time in recovery with staying awake so, she remained under observation. Another complication was she developed an irregular (palipatation) heart rate. She went under anesthezia again for the cardiologist to correct the problem.

  2. Damn! It got dusty here all of a sudden. (wipes eyes)
    God Bless you, Ms Laird. Whatever God’s Pleasure, may you be comforted and in peace, and free of pain.
    And God Bless the troops that were and are so quick to remember and return the love.

    And to go in a different direction, reading the linked article, and seeing Ms Laird’s face, despite all the years of hardship and toil that show on the surface, she has an inner beauty that shines through. A VAST difference between her and Libtards. (yes, I went there).

  3. Thank you Sir. I’ve talked to her recently and she’s doing better and resting. I live about 500 miles from her so, it was a worry for me and could only get reports form my niece via calls or text. We are all greatly relieved. Now, go and tell your Mom, wife, girlfriend or sister how much you love them.

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