Women and the Left Who Hates Them

For a bunch of people who claim they’re all for women and their rights, the left sure has gotten ugly towards the leading representatives of their favored gender.

Tammy Bruce’s latest column takes them to task for the blatant misogyny so clearly on display over in the fever swamp.


You’d think the “sisterhood” would reach out to those who share the same reproductive organs, but they are missing, perhaps, their best opportunity to advance a women -centric agenda.

11 Comments on Women and the Left Who Hates Them

  1. if it wasn’t for hypocrisy and lying, the left would have nothing

    they’re like terrorists

    and, the things that they claim to condemn, that is misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc, they give a complete pass to islam / sharia

    it’s almost like they are working together will all of the bad elements of the world toward a common goal of complete moral demise and the destruction of civilization and order

  2. When one is ugly on the inside it manifests itself on the outside, when one is beautiful on the inside it cannot be contained.

  3. I think Tammy Bruce is overthinking this. They hate who they don’t control. Simple as that. They’re not really feminists on the left, they’re mean girls.

  4. The Secret Service, or someone, has got to tell Ivanka to STOP going to public gyms, stop taking commercial flights, and realize she is in danger with out some bad ass protection.

  5. @AbigailAdams..lol. Whoopie, Maddonna, Dunham, Judd, Striesand, Pelosi, Hillary, Chelsea(s) and so on all look like they melted if that’s the case

  6. The left imploding. Anytime anyone starts a conversation insulting Trump, calling him Mr. Orange or whatever ‘cute’ insult they come up with, calling his family names etc. I just tune out and I suspect most of the country feels the same way. I never had a conversation with a leftist over the last 8 years where I started out or ended the conversation insulting Obama or his family. No civility. And it isn’t going to influence anyone to join them so I hope they keep it up.

  7. From the few public comments I heard from Ivanka Trump, she seems pretty keen on advancing women’s issues, as well as being pretty successful in her own right. I suppose the left is pissed at her because she doesn’t go on national television and whine about it. But then again, she is also a Trump, so whining probably isn’t in her DNA either.

  8. I will give credit to lefty bitches when it’s due. Both Ashley Judd and Chelsea Handler did the world a great service by not procreating.

  9. White ,Brown & yellow Liberal females must;
    Be Homely or at least real pasty looking.
    Wear only Pastel colors
    To own matchable Pants Suits’
    Black women must;
    Wear Giant Moo-moos or African themed giant blousy things
    Must wear hair up & tied int’o braids etc
    A basket of fruit in hairdo – get extra credit , but not mandatory-as Pelosi doesn’t want to have her ass kicked.


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