Women banned from cycling in bike-friendly Iranian city


Isfahan is known as the city of bicycles, a reputation forged by its many cycling lanes, a bike-sharing system, and a government that actively promotes biking — that is, unless you are a woman.

The prosecutor in Iran’s third largest city announced on May 14 that women have been banned from cycling in public, saying it was “haram,” or prohibited under Islam.

Women had long assumed that they could bicycle in public if they respected Iran’s strict dress code, which requires women to cover their hair and body in public.

In 2016, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appeared to crush the notion with a fatwa explicitly banning women from cycling in public, but it was not strictly enforced.

Now, Isfahan’s announcement is being taken as a sign that authorities are enforcing Khamenei’s fatwa, adding to the long list of activities that Iranian women are deprived of taking part in.  more here


12 Comments on Women banned from cycling in bike-friendly Iranian city

  1. Too many young izlamic bucks have hurt themselves trying to sniff the seats as the bikes fly past …

    Funny … but my copy of the Koran doesn’t mention bikes, at all.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. And yet the democrats kiss muslim ass every chance they get yet they present themselves as the feminist, homo loving, trans gender party. Schizophrenic much?

  3. In America in 25 yrs? 50? 75? Unless the immigration is stopped and those already here are deported. Omar, Tlaib, that guy who abused his girltriend(?). Wake up people.

  4. The swamp/left/islamic axis are strange bedfellows, indeed.

    They not only want to destroy us, but each other, too.

  5. I bet they could hide a unicycle under their burka.
    I’d take that show on the road- a bunch of them doing synchronized unicycling.


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