Women Drivers!

Motor sports is all revved up today on the announcement of a new race category, the W Series.


Set to launch next year with 6 races already scheduled, the W Series is a women’s only single seat championship with a $500,000 purse going to the winner. The money is meant to be used to give the winning driver a much needed funding to  enter Formula 1. The news has been met with positive and negative responses.

All races are in Europe for now, but the organizers expect to bring their championship to North America and East Asia by 2020.

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  1. At the risk of being repetitive, what about all the other genders?
    Also, doesn’t this perpetuate the idea that women are less capable than men? I mean, that certainly isn’t my experience, but… 😉

  2. Q: why couldn’t Helen Keller drive?
    A: uh, because she was blind?

    Wrong….it was because she was a woman.

    (I’m ducking and running screaming..’don’t hurt me’)


  3. they’re all going to have to bunk together so they can cycle their ‘cycles’ & not have an races on ‘the time of the month’, otherwise every race will quickly turn into a demolition derby

    … know what I’m sayin’?

  4. W….hatever.

    Like they didn’t clear the field for the hot chick to succeed years ago. Danica was given every opportunity to succeed.

    The left keeps trying to destroy the last vestiges of manliness, be it football, military, policing.

    It never works.

  5. Women can already race, nobody knows what sex you are once you’re in a car. NASCAR has their whole diversity stuff and would love to find a female driver to pull out of dirt racing if there was one good enough.

    I’m not saying there aren’t some girls racing that aren’t good, they’re just not consistently good or when they grow up they start wanting a family so then they leave racing. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a dirt track that dosn’t have at least one female racing in at least one class.

    If you want to race for one of the big two get good enough to do it, but the thing is it’s a tough road even for men.

  6. Stupid broad, bitching and moaning at me ’cause she couldn’t start her EZGO Golf Cart with her phuckin’ car key! A Mercedes car key! Fugetaboutit!

  7. It’s cute that someone thinks the winner of the W series will be ready to then move into the most physically and mentally demanding open-wheel racing series in the world.

    According to Hemingway, there were only three true sports; mountain climbing, bull fighting, and Formula 1 racing. That’s because the probability of death was what made them actual sports.

    When Hemingway described F1 racing he used one word, “Savage”! Of course it far safer these days, but no less savage. Good luck ladies, cause you’re going to need it!

  8. Can we have an age 80+ motorsport in Florida?! Maybe it will inspire them to drive…or kill them off. 🤔

  9. I was on the road today for about 6 hours today, and everyone that slowed me down was a senior citizen.

  10. Q. Why don’t women play in the NFL?

    A. No matter how big and strong she is, she will get her neck broke the first game.

    That must mean football is misogynistic. No other explanation is possible.

  11. I’m talking about going 10-15 below the speed limits. And also creating barriers in highways where they just ride beside one of their generation…and block the whole parkway for 30 cars.

  12. “Women can already race, nobody knows what sex you are once you’re in a car.”

    So true. Martha McSally wasn’t flying her A-10 over the Ladies Only District of Iraq. You sexist pigs should be ashamed of your Powderpuff Racing League. And you’ll end up losing money because women, as well as men, want to see the best racing, regardless of who’s behind the wheel.

  13. “Pit row will be crazy.”

    Nah, that’ll still be a bunch of guys and a sensible bulldyke here and there. They’ll keep it under control.

  14. @Meetkat Brzezinski – I had that slow-poke left-lane banditry flow-impeding to deal with all the time when I lived in SF and Santa Cruz some years back. But it wasn’t the old folks, it was the stoners.

  15. I was arrested a couple weeks ago, in the blotter and everything. 72 in a 45. Whoop. Women pass me in the same spot all the time doing 80+, yet I get the ticket & arrest. ‘TF. No one else in the blotter has been busted for the same thing going back 3+ months, find it hard to believe.

  16. I only hope diversity is on full display in it. After doing 100 miles a day on 895, 95 to 495 and back for 4 years, having witnessed first hand – texting, talking, finger nail painting and filing while two fisting Popeye’s crispy drumsticks all at the same time,,, shiteeeee.

  17. Maybe I don’t understand the nuances of Euro Racing but it strikes me that a gaggle of women racing shopping carts around an oval would not be all that exciting.

  18. Girls do well in carts and up to midgets… after that not so much. I don’t understand why, but it just is. They do make damn fine small bore shooters though.

  19. ‘They do make damn fine small bore shooters though’. @JDHasty I’m just going out on a limb here, are you in Australia? Hope so otherwise ‘Girls do well in carts and up to midgets’ kinda hints at a strange fetish. No Offense meant or implied. Cheers! Silly demented Yank I am,,,

  20. So instead of just letting the marketplace, the public square decide who is worth watching and who isn’t, we should just let men who don’t want women to race against men decide? Racing isn’t football, golf, soccer or any other sport that requires brute strength or gives an advantage to most men. In fact most racers are not The Incredible Hulk.

    Just wanted to clear that up for myself.

    (You guys here who want to disparage women drivers as a collective? Not a single word more from you about femnazi’s, brothers, because barring women from enjoying their pursuit (of happiness) is the fuse that fired up the first feminism movement.)

  21. Personally Abby, I want 12 series. One for each sign of the zodiac.

    Leos will rage drive into the walls… Aquariuses will shoot the breeze in the pits… Libras will be sobbing all over the steering wheels…

    I’d pay to see the Z series of automotive races.

  22. They still won’t check the oil, or the air pressure in the tires…

    “Women drivers; no survivors.”

  23. I can see it now… every car hugging the left side of the track, refusing to pull over… and every car with its oil light on.

  24. @Dogbert — Then you weren’t around in the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, friend. Because I was there and saw with my own two eyes and heard with my own two ears the women — with degrees in engineering, finance, business, marketing, PR, planning — who were being dealt a bad hand when it came to hiring, promotion and collegiality.

    My point is this and easily understood: Change out the words “woman” and “women” in any of the above statements with the word “black” and what do you get? A bunch of bigots who see certain pursuits as the sole domain of themselves. If that is so, then let the market (public) decide. That is what we say we want for anything else.

    Fact is few women would ever want to compete in motor sports. But for those whose burning passion is just that, why bully them out of it by disparaging them and characterizing all women as bad drivers? That’s just not right and it is plainly ignorant, to boot. Men don’t like being on the other end of stick anymore than women do. So why do it?

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