Women’s March Surrounded by Armed Guards As They Protest NRA, Gun Rights

Breitbart: True to the left’s habit of having one set of standards for itself and another set for the common man, participants in Friday’s Women’s March against the NRA and gun rights were surrounded by armed guards.

In fact, NRA TV showed Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory getting into a car with armed guards all around.

Ironically, one of the protest themes at the march was, “Real Men Don’t Need Guns,” which is lefty talk for disarming the public while making sure high-profile liberals continue to live ensconced behind layers of armed security.  read more

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  1. It was only a month ago that Steve Scalise was gunned down by a lefty fanatic. The media was doing a great job of revising and forgetting the matter. Ladies, you’re f–king up a lot of hard work here.

  2. Sarsour is pretty repugnant even to the Leftist women I know. They seem to dislike her instinctively without being able to admit they feel uneasy about all this “sudden” Islam.

    So she’s backfiring. Like Maxine Waters.

  3. 🔫 How did the: Disarm White People rally go? 🔫

    * Remember, gun laws are null & void in muslim NO-GO ZONES under sharia law.
    So they come in, make armed muslim zones, disarm the outside population, then slaughter them.

    Figure it out already people!

  4. I’m guessing that the irony and hypocrisy was lost on them?

    Sheesh! Talk about being out of touch! Out of touch with your own message?
    Why don’t you just … uhh … no … forget it … keep marching …
    even the dumbest moronic imbeciles will see it after awhile …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “Sad Sour” Walking down the Street , Is Worse than a Fully Armed Tank !
    We Need to Jail or Deport Any Person Our Common Sense tells Us is Insighting Violence. It’s Her not the Guns We need to Eliminate.
    We Have to do this Now, Not Next year … Now !

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