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Won’t Someone Save The Democrats From Themselves?

This piece in Politico, predicts that history is going  to repeat itself for the donkey party and it’s going to be hilarious to watch them implode next year. Here

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  1. FUCK THE DEMOCRATS!!! I was once a Democrat before they became fukin commie bastards! Trump wants to build a wall NOW those asswipes are worried about the constitutionality of the money being appropriated? The didn’t worry when that queer kenyan was sending a shitload of money to IRAN!

  2. Civil war? You mean between the theoretical communists and the applied communists?

  3. The never-ending multitude of divergent constructs, realities, and identities the Left has created is heading straight for a huge collision in the Intersection-ality of Progress.

  4. The Democrat Party has already imploded. It’s head explosions that we’re waiting for.

  5. I too was a completely naive democrat as a kid. Joined the service, noticed there were no democrats, not even black Drill Instructors. A couple years later, started night school at Portland State. Classes always full of folks with other degrees who got into the real world, figured out right away they needed valuable degrees. Only two democrats in most classes were the professors and I. Became real obvious real fast I’d been fed a line of shit. Switched parties, hammered away at democrat friends. As time went on, all of them switched as well.

  6. Won’t somebody save us from the Democrats?
    And the RINOs?

  7. Having Stuart E. Eizenstat on their team is the best way to insure defeat. He he so self-deluded he could not possibly see anything the way it really is. Hubert Humphrey was gonna get us out of Vietnam… oh yah. Jimma lost beacuse he did not embrace Ted Kennedy soon enough? LMAO, Sure, lets ask Mary-Jo K. about that… Dr. Tar, good catch of the Irony of Dem. stupidity.

  8. TR – Spot On! I was shakin’ my head reading this drivel until I saw … House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a liberal pragmatist and a political master at herding cats, WTF! He seriously believes that Nan can accomplish get the Dems rolling in a successful direction?

  9. You watch, the lefties will be so out of sorts by 2020 they’ll be rioting in the streets saying it’s Trumps fault they can’t get their shit together!

  10. F*ck those commie bastards.
    They need tarred and feathered to a man!

  11. My God haven’t we seen enough insanity from Democrats to know we don’t have a single reason to save them. The question is when do we send them to a communist country and make sure they never return?

  12. Go look up old Jimmy Carter speeches on YouTube and you’ll find a lot of recent comments about how spot on right he was. Just ahead of his time!

    These are the same kind of people who hated the Disneyfication of Times Square and longed for the good old days of violent subways, graffiti and seedy adult movie theaters. Because authenticity.

  13. Why?
    The Demonrats are the self-proclaimed enemies of mankind – enemies of Freedom – enemies of Liberty – enemies of the State – enemies of the Nation – enemies of Peace – enemies of civilization.
    Their self-destruction allows them to infest the Universe with their filth by sinking into the background to sow their lies, prevarications, and discontents.

    That shouldn’t be their option.
    Cancers must be excised.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. For the 2020 election, voting will be extended for the entire week. Votes on Friday get matched 2 for 1!
    Let everyone know.


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