World Health Organization Faces Calls for Leader to Resign over Coronavirus Failure

Breitbart: Criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO) for allowing the Chinese Communist Party to influence its behavior during the Wuhan virus epidemic is intensifying, coupled with calls for Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to resign.

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  1. I wonder why an American never is leader of the UN or WHO but all of their order’s have to be enforced with Americans as the main military contingent or medical contingent.

  2. And what’s with all this collegial, professional courtesy sort of stuff going on between the CDC and the WHO over the WHO’s obviously and egregious BAD NUMBERS!? Birx seemed overly polite today when she stated the disconnect with such mincing: “We’re just not seeing the evidence of that.”

    Who’s going to put all that wealth back in my retirement account?

    I still say there was political motivation behind the WHO “mistaken” fatality rate. POTUS Trump hinted as much today when he made the off-hand remark that the Democrats and the media would like to see him weakened in the upcoming election and maybe — just maybe — China was sitting on trade deals just waiting for that idiot, Biden, to restart trade negotiations.

    I am increasingly convinced this whole thing was a hoax. But I also believe that despite the current economic woes, Trump will have gleaned everything good out of it and it will all work in our favor in the end.

  3. Edit: No, not a hoax. A swiftly orchestrated, opportunistic plan sprung from the bowels of global communists and their pals, the globalist financiers (who stand to gain win, lose, or draw).

    China is just that desperate. And I’d bet money that Trump expected something like this out of China.

  4. Ah yes, the global institutions we’ve been told by our betters, we need to trust and support 💰💰💰💰 for their efforts to assist in spreading democracy throughout the world.

    So the people the WHO doesn’t kill, the UN traffics from third world countries to Westernized countries. Both institutions peddle in misery.

  5. A few facts:
    This “pandemic” so far has been the most effective tool to bring the United States to its knees financially!
    Tell me that our enemies aren’t loving this… cuz they are!
    Tell me that our enemies give a shit about their own people too… cuz they don’t!
    Life in Communist and Third World nations is cheap… very cheap!
    It’s not just China, it is anyone who wants to see the U.S. hammered and/or President Trump damaged!
    So far this isn’t significantly worse than any other flu. The Swine flu was far worse.
    It’s the perfect storm to pig-pile this administration with and that includes insane, power-hungry democRATs and their Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media, 90% of whom are simply propaganda-spewing democRAT operatives.

  6. Seems like everything connected to the UN is a scam.
    Have they done a scintilla of good – EVER?

    A lot of money wasted on BS.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. WHO’s your daddy?
    Xi’s your daddy.

    Now go tell the world that our Bio-warfare virus was from eating bat soup. China needs “plausible deniability” and the WHO can help us with this smoke screen.


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