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World Health Organization Now Admits COVID Was Leaked From A Chinese Lab


Hell must have frozen over because the World Health Organization has finally admitted what the rest of us have known for two years.. COVID-19 was leaked from a Chinese lab.

For the past two years, the mainstream media and Big Tech have stifled any discussion of the evidence that COVID began in a Wuhan, China facility.

Now, suddenly, the WHO is admitting that the lab leak theory is worthy of a serious look and says there are several important pieces still missing from the origin puzzle. more

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  1. I got sick NOVEMBER OF 2019. This was 100% planned and part and parcel of stopping Trump. LIARS, FRAUDS, HYPOCRITES.

  2. Quote from the linked article: Will the WHO ever actually admit that the most likely scenario for the covid outbreak is a lab leak from the massive Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan which specializes in covid gain of function research? No, they won’t.

    IOTWreport headline (see above): World Health Organization Now Admits COVID Was Leaked From A Chinese Lab


  3. No.
    Fauci should have his shriveled old nuts scooped out with a rusty spoon and driven down his fucking neck.

  4. @MildredLucille: I got covid on a Princess Cruise ship on 12/4/2019. I remember the date well – we got off the ship that day from a 14-day cruise. Woman in the cabin next to us was sick from the day she got on board until the day she got off. I think the cabin steward brought it into our cabin. I was sick for 6 weeks. When they gave it a name, then Operation Warp Speed Jab came out and I knew right then not to get the jab. Far too many trustworthy people out there who got jabbed and now regret it. So what if the Chinese released it, what are we going to do about it? Nothing.

  5. Trump working with China, he was hoping it would tilt the election in his favor, but it didn’t go so well.

  6. Goldenfoxx – you were very wise NOT to get the jab after having COVID. You have avoided the vicious circle of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) that is now plaguing millions who are having recurring COVID infections as well as harmful jab side effects.

  7. Covid 19 is definitely a “Operation: Stop Trump” tactic. Planned and orchestrated by the Deep State. Officiated by Xi, Fauci, Birx, Pence, McConnell. Walensky, etc.
    With people getting sick, as I did also, a year or more before they released the news in 2020, Covid 19 was an epidemic, China obviously had no control over how quickly it was spreading once released. They didn’t care and are proud of their accomplishment to affect or “infect” the world.

    BTW, the Covid vaccine is killing more people than Covid, a variant of the cold virus. Also a planned tactic created to destroy the Trump Administration’s integrity and control/reduce the American population.

  8. Setting off covid to its own people and the world may have been China’s entry fee to the World Gov/WEF/Davos Group Big Boys Club.

    Its reward will be Taiwan with no interference from the US or anyone else.

  9. When a scientist says that they “remain open to any and all scientific evidence that becomes available in the future to allow for comprehensive testing of all reasonable hypotheses,” that means there is more research to be done. They are conclusive about how the virus moved into human populations, where the virus jumped species or found it’s way from a lab. This may take a few more years to determine, as is the case of many such viruses.

  10. 99, what ever your drinking or smoking give me some, must be some powerful shit. Or could it be the kraken pipe? You forgot about the cabal.

  11. Talk about de-funding the police, the fools in lab coats and space suits playing around with unknowns that could affect the world need to be de-funded and stopped before they screw up mankind. It seems they just many not know everything just yet, as they like to claim.

  12. Jonesy. “…what ever your drinking or smoking…” keeps me sane and doesn’t compare to the hallucination inducing leftard crap YOU’RE on. Thank for reminding me about the Cabal.
    BTW, your spelling and grammar sucks.

  13. fraudi knew in 2017 PDT would experience a “surprise outbreak”

    as soon as the c19 shit show started I was IMMEDIATELY INUNDATED with c19 emails & other propaganda

    c19 wasn’t an accidental virus leak & taxpayers paid for it all

  14. 99th

    Jonesy’s logical thought process looks to be comprimised by tooooooo many drugs.
    Trump was costing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NEOCONs and their donors, the Chinese, and the rest of the Globalists way to much money and had to be stopped. And the KungFlu is how they tried to stop his economy. You’re right on the money.
    Ironically enough of Trumps Tariffs remain in place that when combined with their own COVID shut downs, he’s still killing the ChiCom economy. They are in a world of hurt financially.

  15. “Yeah, we lied our fucking asses off to you for years… So here’s the next thing we’re gonna tell you that we plan to gaslight you into believe is ‘science’ and that you must follow it.”

    – WHO: World Horror Organizers

  16. @ No mercy JUNE 11, 2022 AT 1:29 PM
    Fauci should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    Nope, he should be hung in public so all of us can watch his little legs twitch until he is dead. Or we should have a lottery for people to buy into to be a part of the firing squad.

  17. Brad. Agreed on all you said. Also, leftards don’t have the good stuff. They don’t know how to get high on liberty and freedom. Corny as it may sound. However, wine helps – especially now.

    Really praying President Trump gets to stick it to the ChiComs again. BTW, absolutely the Deep State usual suspects you mentioned deserve a second Trump term. He’ll guarantee a bunch of them end up in the poor house. The CCP will be begging for his favor and butt-kissing him for years. LOL!

  18. What’s also been hidden is the verified fact that the covid19 vaxx was created to exterminate all blacks, especially since the majority of the black population do not approve of abortion. Think: racist and segregationist Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood and the Ku Klu Klan (of whom “Real Segregationists’ Joe Biden remains strong ties with from past to present). Anyone else who died or became injure/maimed by the Fauci-CDC vaxx is regarded as “collateral damage” by them as well as by Joe Biden and accomplices.

  19. This is still gaslighting at its best. The highly transmissible, low lethality virus did not “escape”, it was deliberately released, and had the exact effects it was bioengineered to have. This bug was years in the making, as US pharma was selling covid test kits around the world in 2017. This was the first salvo in the Bill Gate/Davos depopulation scheme. Expect more, and more lethal, pathogens to “appear” in the near future.


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