World Surf League Cameramen Told Not To Get Shots of Women Surfer’s Butts

Here is a public pre-surfing workout a professional surfer does before her rides.


All cinematographers have been instructed to exercise discretion while shooting the women’s heats. Cinematographers must be careful to be zoomed out during bottom turns or duck dives. A live broadcast means there’s no time for editing so all camera operators need to use common sense when shooting. That means wide shots of any competitors in skimpy swimwear. Girls who surf in boardshorts will feature larger on screen than those in bikinis.


I have no reason to watch.

ht/ wait for it

35 Comments on World Surf League Cameramen Told Not To Get Shots of Women Surfer’s Butts

  1. But a bunch of topless feminazis in pussy hats or braless celebs with nipples showing while preaching to us about sexual harassment is ok.

  2. Plenty of DECADES worth of surfer clips on utube as well as being used in video music clips with their butts hanging out ALL the time.

    It is the only reason for me to keep watch music video’s on mute!!

    Oh, and P.S. Ashley is one of the women who LOVES to show off her butt in all those video’s so the exploiting women thingy goes right out the window with that one and she is just one of MANY who like to wear thongs while surfing.

    check it out for yourself:

  3. Pre-surfing workout my ass. Thats just showing off, she should just bring a pole out there.
    L lived on the beach for years and nobody does any of that crap. I mean this little bimbo was twerking, give me a break.

  4. How many here have torn flexors in your upper ass?

    I lost a leg for two months and still have have pain 24 years later. The flexibility thing is real.

  5. Disgusting!……. sarc/off

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Such a fine creation….a well sculpted derierre.

    Show it for people to look at…. and I’ll take a look.

  7. And the feminists want equality within the sexes? Hell there ain’t even any equality within the female sex.

  8. Remember when AG Ashcroft was mocked roundly for hiding a nude statue behind curtains? I guess our leftist, feminist, puritan overlords are now of the opinion that he didn’t go far enough.

  9. This reminds me of the “slut walks” at colleges, where girls dress like whores and then walk around screaming at people for looking at them. If you don’t want it seen, don’t put it out there. If you put it out there, it will be seen. Pretty simple.

  10. From this point forward, strippers will perform in the privacy of their dressing rooms and men can just make automatic deposits to their bank accounts.

  11. The human form is beautiful.
    This memo is probably the result of that one surf cameraman.
    He knows who he is.
    Making editors create whole separate folders for ‘later’

  12. I guess I am an old prude. This borders on indecent exposure. Except for gays, would we want to see men wearing thongs?

  13. They (women and she-goats) should be forced to wear burkas …

    only he-goats should be allowed out in bikinis!
    Ahhh … the smell, the taste, the soft caress, the seductive aroma of his breath when he moans “Baaaaahhhhh!”
    the kicking of his little legs inside the high rubber boots!


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