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World War Muslim

Just as the beginning of WWII depends on who you ask ( Europeans will say September 1939 the Chinese will say 1937), the start of the War Among the Muslims is going to be difficult for future historians to date exactly.


Was it the rise of ISIS in 2014, or the Civil War in Yemen in 2015 or was it the Saudi mass execution of condemned prisoners a couple of days ago that finally lit the powder keg that is the Sunni Shiite conflict?

Which ever event you want to use, sides are being chosen.


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  1. That’s easy – It started the day mohamhead killed the first follower who wouldn’t let him stick it in his ass.

  2. If we had a smart leader, he would meet with Putin and agree to chose the side that Putin does not so that we can set them after each other rather than bothering us or Russia.

  3. the problem is that it won’t be just sunni vs shiite. If Saudi Arabia goes all out vs Iran, the jihad switch will likely be thrown and the savages will go scorched earth across the board.

    Sleeper cells will awaken globally and we will have plenty of opportunity to put down the rabid dogs, in those countries where the citizenry are allowed to defend themselves.

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