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‘World’s largest’ sperm bank relocates to Florida

Orlando Sentinel:

Cryos International, which calls itself the world’s largest international sperm bank, has relocated its U.S. main office and inventory from New York to Orlando.

According to a news release, the company expects the move to Orlando will increase the amount of donors and international exposure — due to the region’s 60 million tourists and visitors each year, and the fact that University of Central Florida is among the largest universities in the nation.  MORE

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  1. “Cryos is definitely targeting college students, a spokesman for the company, Jim Londeree, said.”

    therefore They will be generating more liberal idiots!

    Obama must a HAND in this move – He’ll do ANYthing to generate more liberals

  2. Why is there a picture of Sandra Fluke associated with this article? Huh? What?

    OOOOHHHHHHHHH…I get it now.

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