World’s Most Evil Puzzle Will Keep You Stumped For Hours During Quarantine

KFI: Plenty of us are spending a lot more time inside than we ever have before, and many people are running out of things to do. A handful have broken out their old board games and puzzles to stay busy. A scroll through social media will very likely show you friends who have completed 500 or 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Accomplishing something like that is definitely a challenge, but when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, it’s not the hardest kind. Sure some puzzles have more than 1,000 pieces, and there is even a kind that is totally white so you don’t have any picture clues to help you figure out which pieces go together, but thanks to an Etsy seller, there is an even more evil type of puzzle – one made from entirely clear pieces. more here

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  1. I think I’ll just spend my house arrest tryin to put the pieces of my life back together.

  2. You know how the media put every sob story they could find about unemployment on tv when theirs a republican president, but not a democrat president?

    Well, you’ll be struck by lightning before you see any of those sob stories. Because the media wants to shut down the economy.
    Now we’ll be inundated by sob stories about someone having a cold.

  3. If I’m looking to kill a few hours, I just try to get Windows 10 to remember window sizes. Take as long as you like; you’ll never solve the puzzle.

  4. I enjoy puzzles, and have been doing quite a few recently as my work-from-home began before Thanksgiving and it is a particularly dull job. My most recent puzzle is the one I liked best – and specifically because there are no areas so uniform that I can’t figure out where a particular piece goes.

  5. I have trubble with a 2 peece puzzle ………….

    wow ……. that rimes! I’m like a Shake-spear!

  6. @Left Coast Dan — You might like Charles Wysocki puzzles. On the first day of summer one year I broke my ankle pretty badly and had to have a fairly complicated surgery, meaning I was laid up for nearly two months. In that time I completed 16 – thousand piece puzzles. Wysocki puzzles are cheery Americana and — like the ones you describe — you can pick up a single piece and know where it fits. I loved these puzzles so much I’d buy a few more every time I went to our local Fred Meyer, so I had about a dozen that hadn’t been worked, plus a major trove that had been done, up in the attic. I’ve loaned out a bunch to friends recently, and I’m working on my 6th or 7th just now.

  7. Uncle Al and Jethro, I love online jigsaw puzzles! You can’t lose a piece on the floor and only find it when it gets sucked up into the vaccume and mangled beyond repair! Yes, I’ve done that 🙁

  8. Uncle Al, Jethro and Claudia.
    The only problem I saw with online jigsaw puzzles is you can’t use an Xacto knife to trim and fit. Then I remembered White-Out. Works like a charm.

  9. Ummmm puzzles in a house with 12 nosy cats?? That would work if I want to place the same pieces every 15 minutes and have chewed up pieces.
    Aren’t there some sites for working puzzles online?
    My go to place is Abe Books. I never knew there was a sequel to ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ so next up is ‘The Road Home’ minus Paul of course.
    That is followed by looking up virus songs on Youtube. My Corona to the tune of My Sharona is pretty catchy.

  10. @ Crackerbaby, TR4, That is more along the lines of a 20,000 piece puzzle. Doubt you will have that done by June. On the other hand, my 5,000 piece piano puzzle is coming along nicely.

  11. The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are all the same.
    If you have a picture on them then you have to put them in the right order.
    A clear jigsaw would only mean getting the border and then dropping in the pieces.
    I know this because i have worked in the industry that produces them for the past 40 years

  12. I bought a 4K piece jig-saw puzzle in England in 1975 for my then wife. She and her insane sister worked on it and eventually finished it except one piece was missing. Several months later, I found the piece under the washing machine. She cried when I handed it to her.


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