World’s Worst Hold Music Has Been Identified

KFI: These days, most people would prefer to send an email or do an online chat rather than make a phone call, and one of the main reasons why is because with email and chat, they will never be subjected to hold music. For whatever reason, most hold music is unbearable. Typically, it’s saxophone solos interrupted every three seconds by a recording telling you your call is important, but sometimes it can be even worse, as one person found out.

They recorded themselves calling a San Diego-based number and when they got through, a recording told them they were caller number five and it’d be “just a moment.” That’s when the world’s worst hold music kicked in. MORE

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  1. Oh dear God! That made both ears squint so tightly I may not be able to hear again ’till Monday! Who buys that shit??
    (the same people suckers that buy BLM!)

  2. …it’s called “The Kevorkian”. You use it for complaint lines you have no desire to answer, and the purpose is to cause your customer to terminate the call THEMSELVES so you never have to deal with them…

  3. The original Youtube of the parody of the Brittany Spears song has 5,403,051 views – and I’m 052! OMG!!!
    That’s enough interweb clickbate for me today, kids. I’m done.

  4. Whew! That was a close one, but I read the article first and never clicked to hear the ear assault weapon.

    My favorite “bad hold music” story wasn’t the music but a commercial. I called Alamo car rental and when on hold was treated to a local radio station (that also played bad music). An ad came over the phone for Budget Rent-a-Car.

  5. It made me laugh, so that’s good.

    Joe Biden would find it catchy, I think. Picture his head bobbing up and down out of phase with his right foot.

  6. I actually heard some Really Good hold music the other day when I had to call a Veteran’s Evaluation Services to confirm an appt. It was really good smooth jazz keyboard…and the sound quality was excellent on top of that! I even mentioned that to the rep I talked to and she said that they did get a lot of comments on that music!

  7. The people I call when I need IT work done and Medtronic both have horrific hold music. Medtronic has an added flair to theirs. It sounds like a radio playing inside a pot of boiling water.

  8. Jimmy- I have a knack, I’ve been told. lol!
    I always wanted to write for travel brochures. But I’m too honest for that. Haha.

  9. At first I thought it was East Indian music, most calls are to East India. Then I realized that music was played in hopes you would hang up and never call back again. Either way that was totally “F’ed” up and I would have hung up, cut their credit card up. If you owe them money, don’t pay it and the reason why. Find a good reason to sue them.

  10. Anonymous July 11, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    It should keep you from falling asleep while on hold.

    NO!!!! It’s actually a good defense as to why you killed someone standing near by!


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