‘Worn Out’

New Van Gogh Drawing Identified.
(NEWSER) – The world has a new Vincent van Gogh work, or at least a newly identified one. A pencil drawing of an old man, determined to be an earlier version of Van Gogh’s “Worn Out,” has been authenticated by Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum as a work of the Dutch post-impressionist, the Guardian reports. Drawn in late 1882 when Van Gogh was 29, the 19×12-inch sheet of watercolor paper features a carpenter’s pencil sketch of Adrianus Jacobus Zuyderland. Two years into working as an artist and striving to become a magazine illustrator so he could make more money, Van Gogh was at the time finding people from the Dutch Reformed Old Men’s and Women’s House who were willing to sit as models.
Gogh see it

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  1. I’m feeling a little insulted here. The “old man” appears to be all of late 30’s/early 40’s. By those standards, they’d probably use me for an illustration of Methuselah.

  2. Wish I could take last comment back. I was referring to pic on main page and hadn’t clicked link before commenting. D’oh!

  3. Interesting…

    I was born tired and never got rested.

    Since they require the mask I’ve avoided the “MOHS Surgery Center” for the skin cancer which on one of my ears is obvious. Figure if I wait long enough they can just do the Van Gogh treatment leaving enough to hold the hearing aid. Wife and daughter have finally stopped lecturing.

    Never said I was a Mensa candidate…

  4. I’m not an art aficionado but among the artists that are interesting I’d put Van Gogh near the top. Seeing as how that’s just a sketch I wonder if they’d take $100.00 for it.

  5. I’ll never be able to afford one of those or for that matter ever visit a museum where great works are hung. I dont think there will never be “greats” again like Van Gogh. The times have changed so much to where any and all who have the inspiration now have access to supplies and the leisure time to express their talents.

  6. geoff the aardvark, I have the complete Matt Smith series that i havnt finished, and David Tenant and Christopehr Eccelston to watch yet.

  7. “Gogh see it”
    I see what you did there, MJA. Well played! Take a bow!

    Too bad the linked article didn’t also post a pic of the final painting of “Worn Out”. It would have been interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of the two (without having to open a separate tab).

  8. My favorite Dr. Who is still Tom Baker who I watched as a new Dr. Who fan back in the late 70’s and early 80’s on our local PBS station. I also loved his robotic dog K 9 and his hottie female companion Sarah Jane Smith who I think was the best female character ever on Dr. Who. They used to play an episode every night starting on Monday at 5 PM and would end the series on Friday nights. I am not a big fan of the new female Dr. Who. My favorite villains are Daleks and Cybermen, the Weeping Angels creep me out. The episode with Winston Churchill and the Dr. fighting against the bad guys was one of my favorite newer episodes over the last few years. David Tennant was one of the best newer Doctors. But they really need to bring back the original Master, the rogue evil Time Lord with the sinister Van Dyke beard and mustache. And my 33 year old daughter is a bigger Dr. Who fan than I am. She wants to own a Tardis in order to get around.


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