Worried her man is looking at other women, she delays plane take-off

More likely he was eyeing the snack cart.

And is she allowed to use the n-word so liberally?

And I thought hitting golf balls into Glacier National Park was low brow.

Uncensored Version below—

ht/ fdr in hell

36 Comments on Worried her man is looking at other women, she delays plane take-off

  1. Actually he was looking at her while she was scoping out the Galley to see if enough food was being brought on board to fill her elephant-sized gut.

  2. Classy lady. What can one say?

    After 8 years of the sewer-spill on our culture that was obama, who wouldn’t expect the obama disease not to spread everywhere.

  3. Reverse the genders and the man might get 5 to 10. She will just have to sign up for some counseling that she likely won’t even go to. Future is female.

  4. They don’t look like they eat *at* Taco Bell…
    …they look like they *ate* Taco Bell…the entire chain.

    BUT: Bravo to the flight crew for reacting so quickly.

  5. Another reason not to fly.

    Compared to some of these assholes, I live a quiet, serene life…..and I like it that way.

  6. TO MJA
    Considering her language, if that’s “latino”…
    …then it’s “Latino via NiggaGhetto” at best.
    [the other way I’d say it is: Don’t insult Latinos like that!]

  7. I’m with Jelly Bean. Being locked inside a germ incubator with those two is not my idea of a comfortable afternoon.
    Lazlo’s sister, Wisteria says that there is nothing wrong with looking at the opposite sex. She looks at stuff at the Smorgasbord she has no intention of eating.

  8. Why would she care if he was looking at other women? They sure as hell aren’t looking back!

  9. Ah yes, another “wise latina”. I can see why we are so eager to import millions more of these into our country; they add so much to our culture. Remember, kids: Diversity is our strength!

  10. There is no way that hog has even one redeeming quality.

    With her looks she should definitely try to have a decent personality

  11. Gotta give him credit, he kept his cool. He’s smart enough to know if he love tapped her back he’d be snatched off that plane and in jail so fast… but I bet he wails on her every time this vid pops up.

    Just goes to show, you can take the puta out of the barrio but you can’t take the barrio out of the puta.

    Oh and speaking of the Disneyland melee….get a load of this.


  12. Maybe now the plane has a chance of getting off the ground. Whatever happened to weights and balances?

  13. I’m 6’4″ and would be offered seats by the exit doors back in the 80’s & 90’s. They would ask me if I could execute an exit procedure and be able to open the exit door. “Yes maam, and yes, maam. I will be the last one out.”

    The exit row had extra leg room. Nowadays, all seats are booked before flight.

  14. I would bet this isn’t the first domestic issue they have had where law enforcement had to get involved. If he stays with her after that display he gets what he asks for.

  15. @Meerkat Brzezinski: I’ve seen 90#, 80-year-old women seated at the exit doors. Airlines don’t care anymore who sits there. I seriously doubt if either of these two would even fit through the emergency exit.


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