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Worst Governors Of 2020

Red State

So, there was no way that I could do a “Top 10 Worst Mayors” list without creating a similar list for the nation’s governors. Governors are the people who are most responsible for our state of being, our economic viability, and our safety, especially during this pandemic. Since this is a “Worst Of” list, we all know that the majority of them are failing miserably in all those areas.

One Republican made the list. In this era of NeverTrumpers and RINOS, this should come as no surprise. If it was a list of 20, there would have been a few more. More

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  1. I am surprised that L’il Governor Mikey Boxwine (R-Ohio) didn’t make the list. If he can’t tyrannize you, he’ll bore the bejesus out of you with his daily propaganda broadcasts.

  2. Wow, that’s the first time that happened. A comment of mine just frickin’ disappeared into the ether. And it didn’t even have anything to do with China.

  3. I would add Abbott in Texas to the additional list. Sure he finally stopped Mayor Adler of Austin from shutting restaurants / bars down for 4 days over the New Year but we still have a mask order in place, businesses still have ridiculous restrictions and when you are in a blue county / city it doesn’t feel very free. Bars were closed for months and could only open if they served food and paid a large fee for a new license. The absurdity is a restaurant open at 75%, they just close off an area, there is no reason not to have 100%. If you are afraid stay home, otherwise let us be free. He also has a color system based on ICU capacity that is totally abused by the blue cities / counties to stay closed. This is just a different shade of tyranny.

  4. Can’t say I disagree with the selected Governors.
    I agree with flip, Mike DeWhine of Ohio should have gotten a special mention. Worthless is a compliment when describing him.

  5. I don’t disagree with the top ten or any of the comments here. I live in Virginia. WooHoo! Number 6! wonderful governor who executes newborn infants as a profession and smothers economies and tears down statues as a hobby as governor.

  6. I am with flip and cato – Dictator DeWine definitely deserved some limelight. He’s a pathetic little RINO who has done nothing to advance the state of Ohio. Can’t decide who is a more detestable Ohio Governor – DeWine or Kasich. Both are cut from the same cloth.

  7. Here in the Soviet State of Washington, we suffer silently with our own Governor ‘Dim Bulb’ Inslee. He’s ‘Mr. Esential!’ 😫

  8. Speaking of overreaching power, the BC government has dictated that restaurants, bars, liquor stores, grocery stores, et al, must stop selling alcohol at 8 PM tonight. That restriction is lifted at 9 AM tomorrow.

    What that has to do with COVID, I don’t know — but there it is. I guess our leaders have had a taste of imposing tyranny and they like it.

  9. Comrade General Mills is horrible.
    Every time she gives a speech trying to put a positive spin on her dictates and tries to sound clever it’s completely cringe worthy.

    There are too many bad governors.
    They would have a hard time doing a top ten good ones.

  10. I agree 100% with the #1 pick! I’d say more, but I’m trying to keep from calling her just what I think of her!

  11. Jimmy, and how is Jay Inslee our illustrious pinhead governor considered to be Mr. Essential? Mr. Natural maybe but not Mr. Essential, keep on trucking with Inslee over the cliff into Ecotopia. Why do we keep electing shithead governors in Wash. State, it’s Seattle I tell you, most of the rest of the state hates his guts.

  12. Flip and Cato. Count me in. Dewine and His daily interruptions of Rush everyday at 2 and the constant repetition. Ohio just elects the worst governors. Don’t forget that punk Ted Strickland too….

  13. That list of horrible governors is way too short.
    Gov. Roy “Commrade” Cooper (D) of North Carolina should be included.
    BTW, What about Ilinois Gov. J.B. “Jabba the Hut” Pritzker (D).

  14. Wow and greetings! I’m so glad to have found your site showing the best advertising and such considerate comments like above that I’ll be coming back often and checking in. I too am concerned with water depletion from gutters in Ohio and several friends are stuck in the ditch there at this very hour. Like me, they have a need for warmth and your site supplies it in such abundance that I’m sure they’ll visit here often, too. I’m sorry to report that I recently underwent a lobotomy as well as a corpus callosotomy so I struggle with knowing which side of my body is doing what in a left-right brain way if you’re familiar with the affliction. I sense this site favors the right side and that’s good because I’m left dominant and am always looking for balanced input (+5VDC,<2Amps). It's really great you're all here – right? – since I was looking for solutions to my left/right brain problem. Thanks again and we'll see you soon in 2021!


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