Would A Border Wall Be Worth It?

Here’s a simple analysis comparing the cost of the wall to an estimate of how much would be saved for each illegal immigrant it stops. Watch

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  1. Of course it’s worth it. Will it stop all illegal invaders? Certainly not, but it is one important aspect of protecting what we have left of our country.

  2. The immoral GWB said 3 years ago we could not afford to deport all the criminal aliens! He lied! He, as I, was in school when Ike ran “Operation Wetback” deporting – by ship almost 1,500 miles away from America – almost 4% of America’s population. Crime costs were so low (police, insurance, judges, jails, …) that we ran a surplus 3 of the next 4 years.
    that was 13 years before SSA was amended by title 9!
    the savings today would be in the $billions! each year!

  3. Absolutely worth it!
    (nice choice of calculator in the pic. It appears to be a HP- no ‘equal’ sign. I was raised on RPN, Reverse Polish Notation, myself, along with Popov negative sign convention for dynamics. They would probably throw away such a calculator in today’s schools, thinking it to be broken).

    On another note, regarding the ‘Wall’. Our dear President might again be a time traveler:
    Trump Trackdown ‘The End of the World’

  4. Declare the emergency and take 20 billion to get it done right.

    Enough of this BS. We’re being pushed around by crazy people.


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