Would college enrollment “look” different if students were admitted solely by their SAT scores?

What do you do with students who aren’t academically gifted enough to be in college? You focus on making them leftwing activists while assuring them they are, indeed, gifted.

This Zero Hedge story doesn’t focus on the angle in my opening paragraph. They focus on how affirmative action has significantly skewed what enrollment “looks like.” And isn’t that what it’s all about? One must supplant meritocracy and discriminate against what people look like in favor of what people look like.

(The left makes one sound like they are talking gibberish, don’t they?)

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  1. One thing about a meritocracy is that people generally try to earn things.
    The alternative is people trying to finagle things – which isn’t all that great for our economy.

  2. Even the SAT isn’t a reliable measure anymore, now that they’re adding 100 “Adversity Points” to the scores of those who are entitled. And that is just a start. Within five years, they’ll be handing out 500 “Adversity Points” to every Spanish-speaker and black who takes the test.

  3. Why you all be against effirmitive axshon? Wees people bin descrimenated against too long. Time we be given white privalege whens we appli to kollage. I would not now bee in medicle skool if not for edversity pointes. Just chill out folks.

  4. They sell diplomas, not education.
    Caveat Emptor.

    I don’t agree with too much gov’t power, but it might do well to enforce some sort of “Truth in Advertising” and make the Colleges and Universities publish their graduation rates and jobs-garnered rates and details of employment of the graduates.
    (where, how much per hour or salary, conditions, &c. updated annually)
    The poor, benighted slobs should have recourse to the law if they fail to find employment when armed with one of those useless degrees.

    izlamo delenda est …


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