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Would you do it?


I was listening to a “Never Trump” commentator on TV the other day….I do this because I want to hear where their heads are at right now. They were very upset about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to retrieve opposition information on Hillary Clinton. They acknowledged that what Donald Trump Jr. did was not illegal, but were upset at the ethic violation of meeting with a foreigner for opposition research.

The lawyer that Donald Trump Jr. met with had no ties to the Kremlin and the meeting produced no new information on Hillary.

People now are calling Trump Jr a “traitor” and the outrage from the left is in high gear….like overdrive.

I want to first point out that President Trump’s opponents in the Hillary camp did the SAME thing. A Hillary Clinton operative met with Ukrainian Ambassador Valery Chaly in March of 2016 to dig up dirt on members of the Trump campaign. 

I have worked on several campaigns, anyone who says that there is no opposition research done is LYING to you! If you are a smart candidate you actually hire to have opposition research done on YOURSELF to see what is found and prepare for a defense.

Now I want to address the ethical side of this.  MORE

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  1. If you aren’t doing Oppo research you aren’t even seriously in the race.

    Of course I’d take that meeting.
    And I’d have cut it off exactly when DT2 did, as soon as I saw this was a bait and switch from some lobbyist. Annoying but not uncommon.
    Nothing illegal. Nothing to “disclose”.

    I don’t know why PDT hasn’t shut down the Mueller Inqusition yet. He’s a Deep State menace and his sole purpose is to manufacture grounds for Impeachment followed by prison.

  2. If only DJT jr had offered to pay $50K to the Russians for a likely fake dossier–yeah, THAT would be cool though-

  3. Not only do ALL politicians do this, all business people do as well. It’s called “competitive advantage”.

    Right now the Democrats are using OUR TAX MONEY to turn over every rock and leaf hoping to find something.

    Isn’t that OPPOSITION RESEARCH? Are they ONLY talking to Americans? I doubt it.

  4. Would you do it if you knew they would hang a bullshit perjury rap on you even though you broke no laws or ethics rules?

  5. Would you do it if you knew cretins like Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow would be bloviating for years about your literally trumped-up conviction for “making false statements”?

  6. It doesn’t matter what a crook Hillary is. It doesn’t matter how perfectly legal Don Jr.’s actions were. The MSM, the Dems, and the NeverTrumpers are successfully embargoing the truth. The discussion is now about how they’re going to process crime Don Jr.

    Pray for him and his legal team. And pray for the Lord to set obstacles in the path of his Congressional tormenters, and Mueller & Co.

  7. Should’ve gotten a private server like Hill Dawg. Or else just stop doing business via email and do things over the phone

  8. No,.Conservative Momma,
    The left is not “upset” about Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer.-these are people who would readily give Russia our nuclear launch codes.

    What they’re upset about is that their perceived march to a utopian ,progressive tyranny was halted in November 2016 when the baton wasn’t passed from one Demo-thug to another.

    They’re hoping for any lame-ass excuse to undo or de-legitimatize that result.

  9. You’re right, Birdie. They hoped to continue their march into the Communist Utopia. Marxists have been eyeing this country for a hundred years, bho almost had everything in place, then whoosh! Trump drops in like a heavenly gift. ****YES, I would’ve done it, faster than a heartbeat******

  10. If I was running a campaign, hell yeah I’d take that meeting.

    It’s interesting to note that the MSM is trying everything they can to pull DJT down by saying DJT Jr’s meeting was illegal. Meanwhile, they aren’t saying SHIT about their beloved Dear Leader, Obama, who ILLEGALLY violated his political opponents’ private lives – first in his 2004 primary against his fellow Democrat Party politician and then in the 2004 general election against Ryan, husband of “Seven of Nine” Ryan.

    The old saying that a butterfly flapping its wings in East Bumfuckistan creates a hurricane in the Carribean is true. If Seven Of Nine hadn’t made false accusations of spousal abuse against her husband during their divorce, Ryan would have easily trounced the shit outta that Kenyan Mohammedan Savage in the 2004 election and we’d have never had eight years of his corrupt, lying, Communist bullshit.

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