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Would You Live There?

NYP: This itty-bitty Manhattan apartment has gone viral for being so dang small. But, for now, it’s saving one local lots of money each month.

“Today we tour the SMALLEST apartment in New York City at 80 square ft, which is the size of a parking spot,” reads the caption on YouTuber Caleb Simpson’s video tour of Alaina Randazzo’s Midtown home. Since posting on September 13, the roughly 6-minute clip has racked up more than 1.5 million views. 

At $650 per month, the apartment is a steal for its location, but it comes at the high price of not having its own bathroom. Randazzo, who works in fashion, makes do with just a sink in her own unit, and shares the shower and toilet down the hall with other building tenants. This setup is what’s known as a single-room occupancy, or SRO, officially defined as a unit with “one or two rooms [that] either lacks a complete kitchen and/or bathroom or shares them with other units.”  more

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  1. House those 50 illegal alien criminal invaders in there!

  2. If I were in my early 20s, single, working hard, eating out often, and wanted the NYC experience, then Hell yeah, I’d live there. I rented a similar place in downtown Oakland, CA when I was going to college. Worked out great for me. But not now. Hell no.

  3. “not having its own bathroom…. makes do with just a sink”
    It takes way less water to flush a sink. Suppose it has a garbage disposal for the chunks?

  4. Would I live there? Hell, if the government had its way we’d ALL be living like that.

  5. Nope. An en suite bathroom is a hard prereq. I might do without a kitchen as long as there\’s a place for a microwave, a hot plate, and maybe a toaster oven. Oh, yeah, and room for a large-ish gun safe.

  6. I couldn’t do it. Not enough room for guns and ammo.

  7. location, location, location….

    In today’s NYC?? Are you fo real?!

  8. Good prep for your eventual Assisted Living quarters…

  9. I lived in smaller quarters than that on board the Kitty Hawk sharing a small cubicle with 6 other sailors, but we had a head down the hall and mess deck below our quarters, so we had it made. And an all-expense paid and 8 a half month ocean cruise courtesy of Uncle Sam.

  10. 80 square feet and no bathroom isn’t the problem. Many of our fine readers would love to have a place like that—on a mountain, near a stream, in the middle of nowhere.

    It’s New York that’s the deal killer.

  11. Shit man, when I was first starting my business, I lived in the basement of the warehouse I was using. Cockroaches, vermin, creepy nighttime denizens roaming about outside. Used the gym for my shower and peed in a jug. Had a hot plate and a tiny refrig. First & only winter was fucking cold. Fabulous incentive believe me.

    Saved rent and the money went back into the business. Didn’t bother me a bit, of course I was 19. Business was doing almost a million/year by the time I shut it down in 2001.

    I’d take that anytime over living in NYC. No way.

  12. I wonder how many times poor poochie gets kicked in the face when she comes home.

  13. You’ll own nothing and be happy exemplified.

  14. If you don’t have a place to go for a dump, you are not really living.

  15. I have friends that served on old diesel submarines that would call that SPACIOUS!

  16. I have closet larger than that! Not for me.

  17. Any of us that lived in a barracks or in tents for months is laughing at these “hardships.”

  18. Couldn’t do it. No room for my reloading bench.

  19. Manhattan’s moving into circa 1950s Moscow housing!
    They must be proud! Finally reached the pinnacle of Sovietization.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  20. Come to think of it, I believe my bathroom is larger than that.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  21. This has been common in England for years. Called a bedsit.

    I feel sorry for the dog.


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