Would You Rather Have a Beer With Clinton or Trump?

Rasmussen: Voters, especially men, would rather have a beer with Donald Trump, but they’re evenly divided over which of the major presidential candidates they would invite home for dinner.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters would prefer to have a beer with Trump over Clinton. Thirty-seven percent (37%) would rather have a beer with Clinton. Eighteen percent (18%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

But while 42% of voters say they’d prefer to invite Trump into their home for dinner with them or their families, just as many (41%) say that of Clinton. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.  MORE


SNIP: I pick Hillary to have a beer with. Just so I could throw the can at her face.  [Calm your tits, SS, the can will be empty. ish.]

I wouldn’t invite her home for dinner though, because I’m pretty sure she’d steal the silver off my eating utensils.  And she’d probably have Bill with her and I just can’t risk having him in a neighborhood where any female is present. Even dogs. You heard me.

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  1. Who would invite a lifelong liar/thief/hag into their house?

    OTOH, why would Trump accept an invitation?

  2. Who is springing for the brew? If I have to buy it, I don’t know that I can buy enough for Hillary and me. If Hillary brings it, it may turn out into an all night booze fest – drink till you drop. Ah, the stories we could tell after a few hours of swilling suds – people we’ve killed, marks we have swindled, crimes we have committed, prosecutors we have threatened, and women we have ruined. All good – except that I would be lying.

  3. Just to be in the company of that miserable, pathological lying, hateful, deceptive, treasonous, self absorbed, America hating, Castro luvin, unpatriotic, bisexual, butt ugly wretched old liberal hag, I’d have to have consumed one helluva lotta free beer. Frickin commie crunt. Send her considerable and worthless ass to Venezuela.

  4. That is pure EVIL Loco.

    Hillary would bring empties and rant at you to spend your money on more beer. Opt for bottles rather than cans with H. because it would be more satisfying to break them over her head.

  5. “congenital”. That’s a great nickname for Bill Clinton. It’s nicer than calling him a “criminal dick”. lol

  6. Having a beer with Hitlary would be about as much fun as a root canal. And honestly I really don’t want to hang out with DJT, although I hear one on one he’s actually a pretty humble guy. Honestly I’d rather have a beer with one of Trumps daughters. OK I’m. Pig, I don’t care. That one that’s always on Instagram is hot.

  7. I think Rasmussen is full of shit. Who in hell could eat dinner while looking at the painfully sickening face of Hillary?

    And if it’s Hillary for a beer pow-wow, I’d demand a 3 pound glass pitcher with a sturdy handle. And no SS thugs allowed in the room. Invite Barry too. 😉

  8. Trump. He would appreciate the effort I expended to fix him a nice meal. We could have a good conversation, I’m sure.

    Hitlery wouldn’t give a fig about my cooking. We would sit there in stony silence, glaring at each other. I would hate her because she’s Hitlery. She would hate me because I’m broke. A good time would be had by neither.

  9. Trump definitely. He’d probably pick up the tab, tip the server, and offer you a ride home.
    Hillary would, on the other hand. Expect you to pay the tab, make a campaign contribution stiff the server, and snatch cash off the bar on the way out.

  10. Even though DJT doesn’t drink I’d rather “have a beer” with him because the experience would undoubtedly in some way improve my life.

    Being in proximity of HRC would undoubtedly somehow damage my life.

    You become like who you hang around

  11. Trump, obviously. Trump doesn’t drink, so you’d have a better chance at actually getting one, (since I’m given to understand that beer doesn’t last very long around Hillary).

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