Would you trust a fox with your chickens?

Would you trust a fox with your chickens?

h/t Xenophilic. The Return.


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  1. This is Europe. It would have been us if Hitlary were elected. Any questions why THEY are trying to take your guns. Shoot the FOX. An obvious answer. Remain free people.

  2. With this head of Steam,I wonder if Trump hasn’t formulated a Plan to calm the Muslims, once their Sponsors of Evil are in Gitmo.

  3. fox…. coyote….. coyote….. fox…. muslim…. barbarian… potato…. potato….. mostly just need killin’. of course I like potatoes.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Coyotes are everywhere, I see them all the time. We’ve had coyotes in town including one that was eating a lot of neighborhood cats in a wooded upper class section of the South hill. Animal control found a coyote den that was lined with cat fur before they finally trapped the coyote and eliminated it. I’ve very rarely seen a fox at least not in this part of the country. And don’t even get me started on racoons, the bastards killed a lot of my brothers ducks and geese. He hates racoons and kills them all the time and throws their carcasses in large black plastic bags into the trash after he drowns them in a 55 gallon covered drum full of water.

  5. Well, yeah!
    Foxes are cute and fuzzy and shit and I’d be happy to have them wathcy over my chikkens (if I had any chikkens] but I don’t.
    Y’see we all do what were tole to do and foxss ess aint’ tno= diffrment.
    Y’agotzta tlak to em and make em usnnnserstand that there there to POTEX the chiknes not ot eet them!
    Sorta lik the FBI and shit … not fixes but potexers.

  6. Joey, you’re starting to sound more retarded than ever. Isn’t it about time for you to get to get on the short bus and head to the school for special children? Hurry up Joey they’re waiting for you. They’re coming to take me away…. Ha hee, haw ho to the funny farm.

  7. Biden is not retarded. He has cunningly profited by looting America’s kindness every chance he saw.
    He should pay eternally at the price determined by His Maker.


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