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  1. What could possibly go wrong once I entrust my ticket to the hands of “good”-intended intermediaries? I mean, they’re looking out for me, right?

  2. When I still lived in Town, I had to do a Weekly Mail swap with some Folks

    two Streets over….We both had lived at Our respective Addresses for 20 Years.

    So that’s a hard no.

  3. To win I guess you have to play.

    So that leaves me out.

    Remember this old joke, I couldn’t make it to the 7-11 to get my powerball ticket so I played at home and flushed a 10 spot down the toilet.

  4. If the voters that democrats squeal about when identification is required {and can’t be produced} what are the chances these idiots can find their own mailbox?

  5. I trust the people to count mail-in votes honestly even less than I trust the postal service to deliver them all 100% to the correct address on time.

  6. I would go in person because winning the Powerball would be almost as important as making sure my vote is counted.

  7. If you were writing the checks for Powerball, would you want to identify the winning ticket or just send checks to everyone?

  8. …I’m SURE the guy at the electrical company across town with the same street address in a different city and ZIP code would be more than happy to give me my winnings, since I always tell HIM when I’ve got HIS clients checks, and that he’d be 100% honest and not use it to prop up his failing business that’s in a stupid place because the OTHER 5 businesses that were there BEFORE him that we traded mail with failed in that same location over the last 22 years, although in fairness I’m not sure I should count the one where his brother died and left him the business he runs now…

    …or, to put it simply, “NO”. I wouldn’t know ANY of this if “my” postman wasn’t a constantly rotating parade of young privileged minorities that wear shorts in the winter and can’t give me dry mail when it rains.

    …also, I DO try to listen to what my mother tells me…NOW.

    And she tells me about how HER mail gets delivered up and down the street so she gets to exchange with a house full of El Salvadorians on the regular among others…she says they seem nice, even though there’s hundreds of them and she doesn’t speak Spanish, so there’s that…

    …beats the one in Tennesse, though. We breifly had a property there by inheritence and the mailman took the box off the pole ENTIRELY when my father-in-law died just becuase he didn’t wanna screw with it…

  9. My mailmen regularly more than a few times of the year deliver mail to my house for the butcher and freezer locker a block away with the same address but on a different street. The worst was a massive screw up by UPS one time who delivered a large box of very heavy and expensive equipment to my house with nearly the same address except it was 10 miles away and out in the Spokane valley. I checked the tracking number and called the company and told them what happened and they sent a very grateful employee to my house to pick up their package, I don’t trust the postal service any farther than I can throw them, I worked as a mail sorter one Christmas back in the mid 80’s and I saw how they treated packages, so much for being careful with your packages when you’re under pressure to sort everything as fast as you can.

  10. USPS, UPS, FEDEX… doesn’t matter. I live out in the country. Not a week goes by that I don’t receive someone else’s mail or packages. I can only wonder what hasn’t been delivered to me.

    Vote by mail? No fucking way.

  11. I hate voting by mail in Washington state. I take my ballot directly to the elections office and drop it off there since I know they can’t screw it up when it’s delivered personally by me and I drop it off at their office.

  12. And for all you old folks who don’t play the lottery, but vote religiously, yet are scared of the Covid…

    “Can I get my Social Security check by mail?”

    “The Social Security Administration no longer mails paper checks…”

    You know why the check is not in the mail. Don’t let them keep you at home November 3rd.

  13. So Powerball is racist because it denies people of color the opportunity to collect their winnings in person, and requires them to produce photo ID?

  14. I once received a letter from CA mailed to: Tim, Maryland 20659.
    Postal Service is a funny organization.
    Some of the more dedicated SOBs in the Universe alongside some of the laziest, ignorant assholes you ever met.

    And when you go to the Post Office to get your Passport they charge you $95 for DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB! And then ask you if you want to pay a surcharge to DO IT IN A TIMELY MANNER! And the guy who took my paperwork looked like I had pissed in his cereal.

    God Bless em! But they got no call being involved in an election – ANY election.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I don’t think the point here is whether or not the mail man is honest or competent; it’s about how much you value the act of voting and being sure one’s vote is handled with as much care as one would give to redeeming a winning Power Ball ticket.

    It’s clear the Democrats intend to create chaos in several ways in order to deprive Americans of their right to choose their representative gov’t. Vote fraud is guaranteed with mail-in ballots. It’s harder for them now to jimmy the machines because so much has been exposed about that, so the current plan is to keep voters away from those machines. With each new step — from in-person, fill-in-the-oval-by-hand ballots, to electronic voting, to mail-in, we are now several degrees away from casting our votes and eliminating the middle-Democrat-men.

    Every year there is some big SNAFU with absentee ballots cast by our overseas military. Every year! How much easier it is to defraud the rest of us.

  16. I won $119,000. once in the state lottery. All the way to the IRS office (that’s where you get paid, go figure) in Milwaukee I had visions of grandeur dancing in my mind. (I dreamed of a hot car, boat, long vacation, you know the drill.) I checked in, presented my ticket, signed the papers, and waited maybe five minutes. The woman behind the counter returned and handed me a check for $25,000. I looked at the check, scratched my head, and said, ” Hey, that’s some heavy taxation there”. She laughed and told me that there were two other winners who had the same numbers like me.
    POOF, just like that reality kicked me in the nuts.

  17. Two things about voting:

    1. It should take a minimum amount of effort. Go to the polls if you can. If you can’t, go through the process of obtaining an absentee ballot. If you can’t bother to do either, you shouldn’t have a vote.

    2. Eliminate as many middle-men as you can – particularly those who you can’t control. I’m not going to knock the Post Office, but it is almost impossible to monitor them with something like this. Ballot harvesting is a travesty for the obvious reasons, and is purposely designed for lack of monitoring. Give your ballot to a poll worker, who seals the box. It is then transported by a dedicated transport vehicle to the counting area. Control the process to ensure a valid vote total.

    Ideally, I would like to see voter ID, but the Democrats won’t let that happen. I can’t recall in recent memory anyone other than a Democrat or died-in-the-wool liberal who objected to a fair vote – probably because they lose with a fair vote.

  18. Wyatt — Precisely because they lose with a fair vote. That’s what vote fraud is all about.

    Every thumb that has been on the scale is attached to a Democrat hand, even if they call themselves a Republican.

  19. I live in Canada and our postal service is abysmal. When they went on strike back in 2009, I signed up to receive all my utility invoices on-line (I paid them on-line). I rarely receive mail now, one magazine subscription (a gift) and that is irregular delivery, junk mail and the occasional birthday or Christmas card.
    I understood immediately the point being made about showing up in person to collect your winnings. I would never trust the postal service as they are major screw-ups.

  20. Well occasionally I get mail from lockup to the same house number, different street.
    Definitely don’t want that mix-up to happen when lover-boy gets released!

  21. Another thing is to check with your Secretary of State online and do a “Voter Registration Search” because…shit happens and you really need to vote in the November election.

  22. Somebody else’s mail.
    Somebody else’s packages.
    Somebody else’s car.
    I’ve gotten them all.
    Even came home and somebody else’s dog bounded out to greet me.
    Nobody looks out for me any better than ME.


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