WOW! Half a Million Patriots Watch Trump Celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida on RSBN!


Gateway Pundit:

Trump supporters held a huge President’s Day celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida today for President Trump.

There were no celebrations planned for Joe Biden today but we’re expected to believe Dementia Joe got 81 million votes!

President Trump surprised the Florida rally-goers on Monday and the crowd went wild! more

SNIP: Trump motorcade makes appearance at the 3hour5 minute mark.

17 Comments on WOW! Half a Million Patriots Watch Trump Celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida on RSBN!

  1. I am so grateful for President Donald J Trump.

    Now… what we gonna do about the liars & cheaters?
    They know, we know, they’re scared.

  2. This is hilarious. I am actually taking pleasure imagining the levels of anxiety and paranoia in DC right now.

  3. We pay ‘big-time’ taxes for ‘education’

    We pay ‘big-time’ taxes for National defense

    Where The Fuck is a proper education for our children???

    Where The Fuck is our military that is sworn to protect US from all enemies….foreign and DOMESTIC???

    WHY THE FLYING FUCK are WE paying for our opponents to reign supreme over US taxpayers???

  4. How awesome for President Trump after the nastiness he’s had to endure since January 6th. They thought we would change our minds or abandon our president? Yeah right! I hope these rallies keep happening.

  5. Trump will be the first TRILLIONARE in world history. All he has to do is form a news network and social media network(s).

  6. There is no way in Hell that limp demented old fuck got more votes than TRUMP! Anybody that says different is either a fukin’ liar, or they’re just too stupid to breath with out instructions!

  7. Over a million views. Tell me again there’s no election fraud. Biden can’t draw flies! I bet they have to tie a pork chop around his neck so the dog will play with him.

  8. China Virus. (man made, it has a patent)

    The “vaccine” is an experimental biological weapon.

    Masks don’t work.

    The election was stolen.


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