Wow. Media Doing Everything They Can To Paint Antifa Criminals As Victims

Here is Yahoo-

A couple in St. Louis is facing a backlash on social media after images and videos showed them aiming guns at protesters marching past their home on a private road. 

Footage showed the couple, one with a pistol and the other with what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle, shouting at the protesters and waving the weapons around. At times, they appeared to be pointing the firearms toward the demonstrators. 

In remarks to local CBS station KMOV, the homeowner *****claimed**** that “a mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates” of their private street, which were marked with “private street” and “no trespassing” signs, and put his family “in fear of our lives.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that police are investigating the incident. 

The homeowner “claimed”?

Is he lieing?


wow. They breach iron gates that say private property, no trespassing and they are the victims of some crazed couple with guns.


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  1. These peaceful protesting victims were lucky this couple had restraint, Missouri law was on their side when they went through the gate and were in the justifiable kill zone. People are going to protect their private property.

  2. Dude was not in a very strategic location. Anyone of those thugs could’ve shot him from his flank. He should’ve been behind his cement wall. That way he could’ve been defending his position from cover rather than standing out in the open in a stupid pink shirt… Look, to each their own, right? But for fucks sake it’s hard to take a guy serious when he’s wearing a pink shirt and penny loafers. All that aside, good for him. Defend your shit or have it taken forcefully. That seems to be the moral of the human story.

  3. Erik,
    Yuppie is slang for young up and coming professional. I didn’t see anyone there that fit that description. Just sayin’

  4. If the smashing, looting and burning continues without police clearly attempting to contain it, shootings Will start. Human nature to protect life, family safety and home demands it as a normal reaction.
    The Left wants more dead, violent Horst Wessel’s to wave their bloody shirts. If this doesnn’t stop they may get a whole bunch more of them than they thought.
    When the law cannot or will not do its job it’s that or be beaten and killed.

  5. fifty percent chance that his house and family are destroyed by protestors or State government///

  6. Did you read that the couple bought that place all run down and have been restoring it slowly, over the years?

    He’s going to need more defenders and lots of ammo next time.

    Lock ’em in and have a turkey shoot in your backyard.

  7. I call BS. They both held their guns like Dianne Feinstein’s grandma. I bet neither of them had ever held a gun before, much less owned the ones they were carrying. Plus, the crowd was incredibly nonchalant about the presence of two gun-toting white folks just a few feet away.

    The whole thing looks staged.

  8. 37 THOUSAND responses to that Yahoo article. People are deeply engaged in this. And, sorting by upvotes, overwhelmingly support the homeowner and are lambasting the media for misrepresenting the incident.

    Unfortunately, what my mom sees on Good Morning America will show the homeowners as the sole perpetrators of violence.

  9. Those commie punks threatened to burn down their house and kill their dog. You threaten my dogs and it’s on, BIGLY. No one would be yakking about my bad gun holding stance.

  10. They came first for the HOA, and I said “Lemme put a drone up” because they need a better view.
    Then they came for the Karens, and I said “Lemme fire a scanner up” because they can’t be without their phones.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because… I mean… come on.
    Then they came for the Judeo-Christians, and I didn’t speak up because… I mean… come on.
    Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to bear witness.

    Hm? What? Why, yes. I am writing this.

  11. As the “protesters” broke down the gate to enter an area clearly designated as private property, it’s pretty much certain their purpose was to frighten and intimidate the people who live there.

  12. I mean, sure, we’re breaking the law and trespassing, damaging your property and threatening you, but our hands are up…don’t shoot!!

  13. The man gave an interview today. He says his wife has never handled a firearm before. I for one don’t care how they handled their weapons, it was enough to work for the moment. However, they will be back now and they need more guns, more ammo and some armed security to help them out.
    I don’t think they should be criticized by those on our side for how they reacted, they were scared and reacted out of fear. We can all point out what they did wrong, but they did what they thought at the time would protect them and this time it did.

    So, I for one am telling anyone who will listen, I don’t care if you know how to fire a gun or not, get a gun and have someone to show you how to load and fire it. Start aiming and shooting when you see them getting close. It’s pretty damn obvious LE is not going to protect you from them. It won’t be long at this pace before they’re coming to urban America, small town America and eventually rural America and the only thing that is going to stop their spread is for the people to stop them.

    Forgot the link:

  14. “He says his wife has never handled a firearm before.”

    No doubt. Had the wife fired the pistol holding on to it the way she is it would have flew out of her hand and possibly mashed her in the face.

  15. Perhaps the “peaceful protestors” will break down the fence around CNN’s Atlanta headquarters next?

  16. first time I watched the video I had the same reaction as Mohammed’s pink swastika
    the second or third time I watched it I had the same reaction as TN Tuxedo

    the whole thing has a BS stage kinda Feel to it


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